La Diperie Now Serves Cupcake Milkshakes & They’re What Sweet Dreams Are Made Of (VIDEOS)

La Diperie opened its doors back in 2014 and has since captured the hearts and appetites of many Montreal locals. Known for its soft-serve ice creams dipped in various decadent toppings, La Diperie is so much more than a simple ice cream parlour. I mean this, because its new cupcake milkshake is what sweet dreams are made of.

Its website says its "objective is to create a gathering place to please the most demanding connoisseurs and passionate food-lovers."

And we believe it has succeeded in doing just that. Its latest menu item is a flavour-filled cupcake milkshake.

Yes, you read right: a cupcake milkshake. Basically, you're getting two desserts in one.

The combination of cupcakes, milk, and ice cream as it's blended together to make one supreme dessert truly sounds like a dream to my taste buds.

The item comes in three divine flavours: vanilla bean, red velvet, and blackout, which is essentially a lot of chocolate.

The sweet-treat has little pieces of moist cupcakes inside that you will sip up as you drink it. 

The cost of La Diperie's new item will run you just under $8. 

La Diperie

Watching it being made is just part of the fun, so one of the employees, Karim, showed us how it's done.

And I'm here to tell you that it's more than a snack, it's an entire sweet meal.

Courtesy of Alanna Moore from MTL Blog

Alanna Moore from MTL Blog tried out the red velvet flavour and said it tasted like heaven.

This sugary drink and dipped ice cream are not the only things worth going to La Diperie for.

This sweet spot also makes ice cream sandwiches, hot lava cake, profiteroles, ice cream cake, Russian affogatos, and cookie dough.

There's even vegan options for anyone who doesn't mess with dairy products.

karimel15 | Instagram

I'm someone who has a major sweet tooth, and La Diperie is a go-to place for me because of all the amazing options it offers.

With all of La Diperie locations in Montreal, you'll never have to go a day without ice cream this summer.