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La Poutine Week Has Announced Its 2020 Montreal Winners

Warning, pictures may cause severe hunger.
La Poutine Week Has Announced Its 2020 Montreal Winners

Canada's 2020 Poutine Week managed to outdo itself this year. The eighth installment, of the much-revered week-long festival, had over 400 restaurants participating throughout the country (and even internationally), with over 50 Montreal restaurants taking part. From February 1 to the 7, we were able to indulge and stretch our stomachs with all things potato, gravy, and cheese-related in the valiant effort to find the best poutine recipe in the city. Ungrip your seat, there is no more waiting, the results for the restaurant poutine masters are finally in. 

There were two main judging categories, the Judge's Choice and Public Choice and this year the number one winner in both categories was awarded to different restaurants.   

Chefs from around the city came up with their wildest concoctions in an attempt to win the coveted title. While some kept the purity of the Quebec food, most added rarely seen poutine ingredients like kimchi, pickled vegetables, and truffles.  

The number one spot for the Public Choice was closer to old-school than the Judge's Choice favourite, which leaned more towards the innovative.

The esteemed judges chose La Bêtise Rosemont as the top spot with the restaurant's “Poutine Bibimbap.”

Included in the dish were the usual homemade fries and cheese, but the tapas bar mixed it up with Korean ingredients like cucumber, cabbage, pickled vegetables, sauteed beef, green onion, kimchi sauce, and a spicy gochujang paste. 

[rebelmouse-image 26886715 photo_credit="Courtesy of Olya Krasavina" expand=1 original_size="1200x1165"] Courtesy of Olya Krasavina

But it looks like the public enjoys more of a classic poutine with the number one choice going to Piri Piri Masson's “La Poutine Portugaise” that included chouriço sausage, chicken, green onion, and sweet and spicy Piri Piri sauce.

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The top four Public Choice winners also included La Bêtise Rosemont. 

The other restaurants that made an impression on Montreal include Gaspésie Bistro Gourmand with “La Gaspésienne” (with snow crab and Matane shrimps, alfredo sauce and bacon) and Paulo et Suzanne's “Philly Bombe Atomique Édition 40e anniversaire” (with topped with Philly steak, Italian
sausage, fried onions & peppers, and crispy jalapenos).

[rebelmouse-image 26886716 photo_credit="Courtesy of Olya Krasavina" expand=1 original_size="2000x1333"] Courtesy of Olya Krasavina

Le Gras Dur also made a gravy splash with a lobster inspired  “La Snobinarde” that included high-end ingredients like lobster, foie gras mousse, caviar, and black truffles.

[rebelmouse-image 26886717 photo_credit="Courtesy of Olya Krasavina" expand=1 original_size="2272x1379"] Courtesy of Olya Krasavina

If you missed out, take a look at all of this year's Montreal entrants. And not to fear, the festival will be back next year. 

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