This Hidden Lake 1.5 Hours From Montreal Is Ideal When You Need A Break From Humans

It's called Lac J'En-Peux-Plus aka "I can't take it anymore."

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This Lake Near Montreal Is The Perfect Escape

After months of confinement, easing back into society may be a lot for you to handle. If you need a break, Lac J'En-Peux-Plus is an idyllic little body of water less than two hours from Montreal — and it lives up to its name, which translates to, "I can't take it anymore" or "I've had it."

Legend has it that Lac J'En-Peux-Plus got its name when a lumberjack, out of breath, wanted to reach this lake and cried out, "J'en peux plus," at least according to the official government website.

To get to this hidden spot, you'll have to drive to the municipality of Montcalm in the Laurentians.

Since the lake is elevated — around 440 metres above sea level, you'll then have to trek 30 minutes through a forest and up a hill to get there.

Some people go there to fish while others want to walk in nature. Either way, it's remote enough to escape the world for just a little while.

Lac J'en-Peux-Plus

Address: At the end of Chemin des Lilas, Lac-Aubin, QC


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