Laval Girl Kidnapped and Found Tied Up In A Car Moments Before An Amber Alert Was To Be Declared

On Tuesday, a young eight-year-old girl was kidnapped in the Vimont neighbourhood in Laval. According to various news sources, the little girl left home at around 7:00 a.m. and never showed up to school

Upon learning from the school that her daughter did not show up to class, her mother became immediately concerned. The Journal de Montréal reports that a certain situation regarding the mother's entourage rang alarm bells in the mother's head.

The mother of the young girl immediately sought police's help, who began looking for the suspected entourage member. Reportedly, this person was later arrested.

Police were beginning one last search before officially ringing an Amber Alert. Police headed to the location of the suspect's home.

Luckily, they were able to locate the girl, who had been tied in the back of the car at a residence in Beloeil. The suspect in question, who was wearing a wig, had reportedly forced the child into their car.

The Tweet above reads, " [Young girl found] The police service of Laval wishes to inform the public that a young girl who disappeared this morning in the Auteil borough was found in good health. Thank you for your collaboration."

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Luckily, the girl was found safe and sound. Police took this opportunity to remind people that this is an isolated incident, and that the disappearance should not cause concern to the general public.

The Tweet above reads, "[Young girl found] Our policemen reacted quickly in working with the inter-municipal Régie of Richelieu-Saint-Laurent police.

Let us remember that this is an isolated incident and has nothing to do with a potential predator on our territory. A happy ending!"

It is a happy ending indeed. While there were little details about the suspects of the crime, it is comforting to know that the police were able to act so fast that an Amber Alert wasn't even required.

And all be can hope now is that the mother and daughter are okay and that a situation like this is completely avoided in the future.

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