Liam Hemsworth Is In Montreal & Taking In The View From Mount Royal

And he just posted the most Montrealesque photo.
Liam Hemsworth Is In Montreal & Taking In The View From Mount Royal
  • Liam Hemsworth, one of everyone's favourite Australian actors, is currently in Montreal hiking around Mount Royal - as an average tourist would.
  • He took a break from filming his new TV show to come to check out Montreal during the fall.
  • Find out what's been happening in Hemsworth's life below.

Certain celebrities find a way to tear at the heartstrings of their fans, and Liam Hemsworth is one of them. Hemsworth is charming, talented, humourous, good-looking and newly single. So, when I got wind of my celebrity crush being in Montreal thanks to his most recent Instagram post taken on Mount Royal, I screamed.

Just the thought of potentially running into him at Tim Hortons is enough to make me pass out with glee. But then again, would Liam Hemsworth be at Tim Hortons? That is a question that we do not yet know the answer to...

The Australian hottie proved that he loves basic social media content when he posted a picture that every Montrealer has on their Instagram: posing in front of the Mount Royal lookout throughout the peak of the fall foliage.

From the looks of the photo, he is posing at the Westmount lookout, and loving every minute of it as he captioned his photo "fresh and crispy fall in Montréal." 

Hemsworth has been spending the majority of his time in Toronto shooting scenes for his new film Dodge & Miles lately, and it seems he took some time off of shooting to make his way to Montreal.

Recently, Hemsworth has been experiencing an emotional rollercoaster when it comes to his love life. He and his on again off again girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, tied the knot last December, but that didn't last long. As one of Hollywood's most loved couples, I know a lot of us were saddened when the news broke that the couple had called it quits less than a year after saying "I do."

Miley Cyrus has been very open about her new boo Cody Simpson on every media platform, and as per usual, Liam has been low key about who he has been dating and what he is up to.

Maybe he's hiding a secret flame here in Montreal?

Instagram user @mirvatothman also spotted Hemsworth at the Montreal airport.

[rebelmouse-image 26888786 photo_credit="mirvatothman | Instagram" expand=1 original_size="750x712"] mirvatothman | Instagram

Liam comes from a family of gorgeous men, his brothers Chris and Luke are also incredibly good looking #goodgenes. I wonder if they're in Montreal, too? Our city would be so lucky to see the three together at once...

Hemsworth is a class act, so if you're lucky enough to see him throughout the streets of Montreal, make sure you keep your cool — we want him coming back to our city!