People In Montreal Are Leaving Lime Scooters In The Strangest Places (Photos)

Leave it to us to never follow rules.
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It has only been a couple of weeks since Lime scooters first hit the streets of Montreal and already, some are calling them a scourge to our city. We've already documented the destruction of some Lime scooters at the hands of Montrealers. One even ended up in the Lachine Canal, somehow. 

Love them or hate them, it seems that Lime is here to stay for a while. Summer days might be waning away but Lime will likely remain operational until the first snowfall.

Montrealers love partaking in new forms of public transportation and though noticeably more expensive than BIXI, Lime seems to have captured the steely hearts of Montreal locals (when they aren't being stripped for parts). 

Still, despite our love affair with electric scooters, we can't seem to park them correctly or follow the rules of the road. Lime scooters are being parked in the strangest places, indiscriminately and with impunity. And I'm sure most of us have seen someone Lime-ing down a crowded bike path, with no helmet, perhaps with a passenger in tow.

Montrealers love novel forms of public transport almost as much as they love breaking the rules. In Lime's case, the latter seems to be outweighing the former.

Last week, Montreal saw a Lime scooter photo heard round the world as two scooters were found in unfortunate predicaments. In St-Henri, one individual saw a stripped-down scooter and another saw one tossed in the canal.

If you haven't seen these yet, you're in for a treat. 

As strange as that is, I don't think we can officially qualify those scooters as "parked." Some people take care to not destroy their rented Lime scooter but have no problems littering the city with them. 

Last week, I spotted five abandonned or misplaced Lime scooters within only four blocks in downtown Montreal.

[rebelmouse-image 26889916 photo_credit="MTL Blog" expand=1 original_size="3024x4032"] MTL Blog

[rebelmouse-image 26889917 photo_credit="MTL Blog" expand=1 original_size="3024x4032"] MTL Blog

Lime scooters need to be parked in specially designated areas around the city. People have certainly taken some...creative liberties with that rule. 

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It might not be strange to see Lime scooters littering the streets, but have you ever seen one in a metro?

Yep, this poor Lime scooter was somehow smuggled into Papineau metro station without anyone noticing. It's as if the person responsible wanted to take it home but forgot it on the platform. 

Some people are even leaving them around their homes, probably for easy morning access. What do these people do when they run out of batteries? 

Also, what happens when a scooter is found outside the legal zone? Do you get fined? Charged on your credit card? I have so many questions. 

A Lime scooter parked in a construction zone? Big surprise! 

There's no clear indication that Lime scooters are here to stay as this year is a trial period for the company in Montreal. 

Maybe they'll stick around for a while but it seems they have some work to do in order to fix parking problems. 

You can find more photos of misplaced scooters on the local Facebook pace "Jump à Montréal, j'aime ou j'haïs."

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