Montreal Ranked #45 In Top 100 Cities In The World, While Toronto Placed In Top 20

It seems that we still have some work to do on that pesky weather of ours.
Montreal Ranked #45 In Top 100 Cities In The World, While Toronto Placed In Top 20

Resonance Consultancy, a tourism and economic development advisor, has just released its annual report on the 100 best cities in the world. Of course, Montreal managed to make the list, as we seem to make every 'best of' announcement - whether it's for the friendliest city or best quality of life

Montreal was ranked smack dab in the middle of the list at #45. Toronto did beat us out as the only Canadian city to rank in the Top 20 at number #17.

Some of the other Canadian cities that made the list are Vancouver (41), Calgary (48), Ottawa (77), and Edmonton (83). 

For a city to be eligible for the list, a population of more than one million is needed. From there, rankings were based on six core categories: Place, Product, People, Prosperity, Programming, and Promotion.

Montreal ranked the highest for people (diversity and educational attainment), programming (think festivals, culture, nightlife, etc) and promotion (how well a city promotes itself via Instagram, FB, Google, etc). 

Montreal's lowest mark by far was in the place category which takes into account safety, landmarks, outdoors, and ehem... weather. Prosperity was our second worst category with a low GDP per capita and a low amount of Global 500 headquarters. 

So, what does Toronto have that we don't? 

According to Resonance "Toronto’s #17 overall finish is powered by its diversity and Education Attainment rankings—the two components of our People category, for which the city ranks #3, just behind Abu Dhabi and Dubai."

Toronto also has the seventh-most Global 500 head offices in the world, has an estimated 100,000 new residents annually and according to predictions by researchers at University of Toronto in less than 50 years, the city will trail only New York City and Mexico City in North American population.

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The city that stole the number one spot was none other than London, followed closely by New York. No surprises. From there Paris, Tokyo, and Moscow rounded out the top five spots. 

Nuremberg, Germany was dead last on the list, followed by Pittsburg (99), and Aukland, Newzealand (98).

If you want to check out the full list of all the 100 best cities, visit Resonance Consultancy