Local Montreal Bookstores That Will Deliver Right To Your Doorstep

Now seems like as good a time as any to actually read James Joyce.
Local Montreal Bookstores That Will Deliver Right To Your Doorstep

The thought of living without a book can be just as damaging as the threat your internet may up and die in the next few weeks. Yes, that devastating. Books are an escape game, just with pages. While you can always order your books online from one of the giants, if you want to support local Montreal bookstores, there are still some that you can order from and help put some money back into our economy.

And on that evergrowing list of things to do if we had more time, isn't read more usually right there next to do a pushup or stop ordering Jalapeno poppers for all three meals?

Since the brick and mortar bookstores are on shutdown for the next while, there are still some bookshops that are taking orders online, by text, and email and will have the books shipped right to your door. 

The shops vary in genre specialties, French and English languages, and between new and used; but all are independently owned. And if you need a little excitement in your life, check out The Word's Bookbox surprises.

Here are four Montreal bookshops to check out if you want a little library delivered right to your doorstep. 

Word Bookstore 

This used bookstore has an amazing premise for deliveries. Choose one of their staff picked Bookboxes (six books for $45, 10 books for $55), customize your choices with surprise, classic, or contemporary, and you can even specify your favourite authors.


St-Henri Books

If you're looking for an eclectic mix of books in both French and English, this St-Henri spot has been a favourite of locals for over a year. The website isn't set up for online purchases, so call or text them directly for your must-read.

Phone: 514-264-1638
Email: info@sainthenribooks.com


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Librairie Drawn & Quarterly 

You can purchase books on the website of the rather famous Librairie D & Q. If you're looking for book recommendations they are still there to help by phone or email.

Built on the idea of community, this shop is also offering online book clubs and more ideas that are worth checking out.


Argo Bookshop

The oldest English-language bookstore in Montreal is offering a flat $5 fee for delivery starting today. You can order on the website or call in your book orders.


With the wide range of shop specialties and styles, you're sure to find the book you want.

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