Local Comedian Matthew Giuffrida's Parodies Of Stereotypical Montrealers Are Too Relatable

Besides being a comedian, he's also an inspiration to anyone pursuing their dreams.
Local Comedian Matthew Giuffrida's Parodies Of Stereotypical Montrealers Are Too Relatable
  • Matthew Giuffrida is a Montreal local that is known for his online comedic acts, where he switches between different characters like Martin, Sal and Brudder.
  • MTL Blog got the chance to sit down and speak with him about how he's gotten to where he is now.
  • Read our interview with Matthew below!
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If you haven't heard of Montreal actor and comedian Matthew Giuffrida yet, I'm going to have to stop you right here and direct you to the videos below. Giuffrida has created some of the most hilarious and relatable characters to come out of Montreal, and even Canada at large, in a long time. This Montreal local grew up in Laval and now spends his time in Saint-Leonard, where he creates content for an audience of thousands that only continues to grow.

But, like many actors, Giuffrida's start wasn't without a couple forks the road.

I sat down with the funny man himself to hear more about how he ended up with such hilarious characters and videos online with well over 10,000 views.

We got together at Bruno Sports Bar near Beaubien metro, sat near the back, across from the lotto machines and talked about everything from traumatic math flashbacks to the politics of cancel culture in new and old media.

What I learned about Giuffrida is that he is so much more than just the hilarious cast of characters he's crafted online. 

He's also a wonderful inspiration to anyone that feels trapped or forced to follow a certain path in life when they have a true passion and the drive to pursue a dream. 

Giuffrida explained to me that as a kid he had always loved the feeling of making people laugh. He took acting classes in elementary school. If you look back on his YouTube channel, you'll see there are videos dated as far back as 2009.

But, like many young people interested in pursuing the arts, Giuffrida felt he needed to "listen to society," because even as big as YouTube was, it was still "not a real job."

After high school, he then started down the road to becoming a lawyer.

"Which kinda makes sense," he concedes. "Cause I liked being on stage, I liked kinda being the centre of attention, I guess, you could say."

(I immediately ask him if he's a Leo. The answer is no, we're both Taurus', but I'm convinced he's gotta be at least a Leo Moon.)

Once Giuffrida was in classes, he met people who he could see were really fired up about becoming a lawyer. They were passionate about it all in a way he just could not match.

"So I said, 'Forget this.'"

He tried again, this time with Economics and got a job at a bank.  

"At the bank, I was working with a guy who really had a crazy passion for investing. I see this guy, he puts so much work into it, he lives and breathes it. And I'm like... I don't have that."

"And then I landed on a video of Gary Vaynerchuk."

"I don't know him," I admit, and then Giuffrida explains.

"Gary Vaynerchuk is an American entrepreneur who also started on YouTube back in the day. He just urges people to do what they love and that social media really allows anyone to be successful."

"And y'know, you don't need four walls to create a business anymore," Giuffrida continues.

"It was this video titled 'Permission,' and I still remember it to this day. And he's just ranting and swearing at the screen like, 'What are you waiting for? Whose permission are you waiting for?' and all that kinda stuff."

And I said, 'Y'know what? Fine.'"

Giuffrida then quit school and his job at the bank and dove full-force into what he's doing now. He started posting regularly on multiple online platforms and going out for auditions as much as possible.


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Now, you can find him doing background work in countless productions being filmed in Montreal, including the upcoming Kevin Hart flick Fatherhood, Shia LaBoeuf's upcoming film Pieces of a Woman, and Jay Baruchel's recent Christmas mini-series A Moody Christmas.

Of course, you can always find him online creating videos featuring his now-famous characters like Martin, Sal and Brudder.

In fact, what started as a process of building an acting portfolio has now taken centre-stage when it comes to Giuffrida's priorities.

With these videos, Giuffrida has found a way to create his own auditions, by showing the world what he's got every day.

If that doesn't inspire you to follow your dreams... Well, maybe this will.

Here is the video that changed Giuffrida's life for the better.

The one that got him to abandon those pursuits he was following without passion and to go all-in on the one thing he'd been passionate about since childhood.

You can find Matthew Giuffrida online pretty much anywhere you watch videos: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

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