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Long Line Spotted At Montreal SQDC On 4/20 (Video)

The SQDC has increased staff at some locations.
Long Line Spotted At Montreal SQDC On 4/20 (Video)
  • A long line at the SQDC Queen Mary in Côte-des-Neiges was spotted in the morning of 4/20.
  • An SQDC spokesperson told Narcity that the company is prepared for a possible increase in traffic.
  • Public gatherings are banned, but there is a virtual 4/20 event for Quebecers aged 21 and older.

4/20 is here and Montrealers seem to be stocking up for their own private celebrations. On Monday morning, an MTL Blog faithful snapped a photo of the huge lineup at the SQDC Queen Mary in Côte-des-Neiges. An essential service, the SQDC is prepared for a possible influx of customers for the annual unofficial cannabis holiday, a spokesperson told Narcity.

"We have increased our staff in several branches in anticipation of traffic that would possibly be higher in the 4/20 context," they explained.

In CDN, the eyewitness tells MTL Blog, everyone was respectfully social distancing and taking proper precautions.

SQDC staffers were only letting in a few people at a time.

The Crown corporation is enforcing a series of mitigation measures for customers, a spokesperson explained to MTL Blog. These include: 

  • traffic control at store entrances;

  • a questionnaire at the entrance for each customer;

  • social distancing, including in line ups;

  • and card payment only (to avoid cash handling).

The SQDC also favours online orders.

The company has also implemented measures to protect its employees. 

SQDC employees must: 

  • continuously clean doors, payment terminals, and counters; 

  • reduce product handling;

  • and visually verify customer identification.

All terminals have hand sanitizers for employees and branches are following a strict hygiene routine. 

Like many Quebec businesses, the company has also overseen the installation of Plexiglass panels in front of all checkouts.

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For many, 4/20 epitomizes the phrase, "ça va bien aller." Even before legalization, Montrealers would celebrate the occasion with a huge party on Mont-Royal.

This year, all gatherings are banned. Those who disobey could earn fines of between $1,000 and $6,000 from the SPVM.

A virtual event — which claims to be the biggest of its kind in Canada — for Quebecers aged 21 and older has taken its place as a result.

"Quarantine shouldn't stop the 514 community from celebrating 4/20 together," organizers write on the event page.

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Happy 4/20 Montreal! 

Stay tuned for more news.

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