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Longueuil Police Ask For The Public's Help After Man Was Caught Posing As An Officer

The SPAL is looking for witnesses and potential victims.
Longueuil Police Ask For The Public's Help After Man Was Caught Posing As An Officer
  • Detectives are hoping the public can help them get more information about a man who was posing as an officer of the Longueuil Police
  • The man was charged with stealing a badge and a shirt and then impersonating an officer at a bar in Brossard.
  • The SPAL is hoping to find out if this man has done this before and what his intentions were.

The Service de police de l'agglomération de Longueuil (SPAL) are looking for potential victims or witnesses for more information about a man who was recently arrested for falsely posing as a peace officer and was inevitably charged with theft for stealing parts of a uniform. In the photos below you can see the man putting on the shirt of the Longueuil Police. He also stole a badge.

The man's name is Tommy Maheux Turcotte and the incident occurred on Sunday, January 19, 2020, around 1 a.m., where he was seen at a bar in Brossard speaking with young women and making a point of mentioning he was a police officer while showing off the stolen badge.

The SPAL also notes in its Facebook post below that they are "unaware of this man's real intentions and whether he was acting like this for the first time," indicating that they may fear Turcotte has used this type behaviour in the past, perhaps in order to meet or speak with young women.

The SPAL is hoping to speak with any individuals that may know more about Turcotte and if he has attempted this type of crime in the past.

Translation: The SPAL is looking for witnesses and potential victims of a suspect who has falsely claimed to be a peace officer. He allegedly approached young women, mentioning that he was a police officer and showing a police padge of the SPAL.

Detectives are asking anyone with any information about Turcotte to call (450) 463-7211. All information will be treated as part of the investigation and therefore confidential.

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Tommy Maheux Turcotte is described as having a beard at the time of the incident. He is white and French-speaking with brown hair and blue eyes.

The SPAL notes he is 1,70 metres (approximately 5'6") and 82 kg (approximately 180 pounds).

According to the CBC, the bar where the incident took place was located in the Dix30 shopping centre.

Turcotte has since been released from police custody after having been charged with the theft for the stolen pieces of the SPAL uniform.

The CBC notes the conditions of his release include "staying away from the Dix30, not disguising himself as a police officer and only having identification in his own name on his person."

Anyone with any information about Tommy Maheux Turcotte is encouraged to contact the SPAL at (450) 463-7211.

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