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If You Buy A Loto-Québec Ticket Today, You Could Win $60 Million Tomorrow

There are also six prizes of $1 million to be won!
If You Buy A Loto-Québec Ticket Today, You Could Win $60 Million Tomorrow

You may remember that last month, one of Loto-Québec's Lotto Max jackpots went unclaimed, allowing the prize to climb to a historic $70 million when it was finally time to re-draw the winning numbers. Well, it's happening again, meaning that if you buy a Lotto Max ticket today, you could win over $55 million when the draw happens tomorrow. The prize draw will happen on February 18, 2020, and could likely reach approximately $60 million by the time the draw goes down. 

In addition to this unreal jackpot that is still up for grabs, there are also four Maxmillion prizes of $1 million each that were not claimed. 

This means that when the draw happens on Tuesday night, there will be six Maxmillion prizes to be won, in addition to the Lotto Max jackpot. 

So if you're feeling lucky, I would highly suggest heading out to your nearest depanneur or gas station and picking up a Lotto Max ticket today. It could mean you being $60 million richer tomorrow.

And, like last time, if you do win after reading this article and buying a ticket, maybe think about tossing a grand or two my way? Consider it a charitable donation.

Loto-Québec tweeted about the non-winning Lotto Max last Friday after no winning numbers were drawn for the jackpot or the Maxmillion prizes.

The tweet reads, "Yesterday's Lotto Max draw: no jackpot or Maxmillion winners, but we have a winning group of 6/7+, worth $296,298 🎉😄 This 13-part Group Formula ticket was purchased in Montreal."

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In addition to the giant Lotto Max jackpot not being won, the Lotto 6/49 jackpot was also not won. This jackpot is only $7 million. But let's be real, seven million dollars is better than no million dollars.

The Lotto 6/49 jackpot prize announcement will be this Wednesday, February 19, 2020.

The tweet above reads, "Lotto 6/49 Jackpot not won yesterday, but 2 winning tickets for guaranteed lots of $100,000 purchased in Quebec! You have a ticket from the MRC Les Appalaches or are part of a group of 7 parts in the arr. St-Leonard in Montreal? Maybe it's your lucky day 🤞🎉"

Loto-Québec spokesperson and professional "giver of millions," Patrice Lavoie, put it best with his tweet below.

"When our winners see their cheque for the first time and count the number of zeros..."

Yep, I can imagine one would feel a lot like Parasite writer and director Bong Joon Ho (seen above) reacting to his newly won Oscar.

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