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9 Tragically Expensive Montreal Apartments That Will Motivate You To Start Saving In 2020

This one's for the dreamers!
9 Tragically Expensive Montreal Apartments That Will Motivate You To Start Saving In 2020

Montreal is known for having charming apartments all over the city, with impeccable properties that impress people from around the globe. Unfortunately, not all of them are as affordable as I'd like them to be. There are a ton of gorgeous apartments for rent in Montreal at the moment that our simply out of reach for me. But of course, a girl can dream! 

With the new year approaching, I have begun to start thinking about my goals for the new year. Living lavishly is something that has always been a motivator for me and by looking at apartments I can’t afford, I motivate myself to work hard and shop less in the new year.

Browsing luxurious homes for sale and expensive apartments for rent has become one of my favourite past times and I thought it would be fun to share some of the best rentals on the market right now. 

From lofts in new developments to newly renovated spots, this list was designed for the dreamers in the city. Starting at $2,750 and going all the way up to $5,481, it's safe to say that this list is full of outstanding units, all of which are currently available for rent on

3 Bedroom In Ideal Location: $5,481

This gorgeous apartment is over 1,800 square feet and is available for rent as of next month. So, if you are in the market for a lavish condo in one of the best areas in the city, you should check this one out.

Not only does will this property offers you a long list of amenities, including a movie theatre and rooftop pool, but it will also offer you some incredible views, which is why it's so pricy.

View the listing here.

6 Bedroom Paradise: $4,800

This breathtaking Saint Mathieu street apartment will blow your mind with both its impressive size and its immense charm.

The completely renovated 6 bedroom property comes fully furnished and includes all new appliances. So, this makes the huge cost seem a little more justifiable.

View the listing here.

Modern Luxury On Rue Viger: $3,975

This beautiful 3 bedroom apartment can be yours for the fair price of $3,975, which is pretty unaffordable for the majority of us.

If you are on the market for something smaller and a little less pricy then this building is also offering studio apartments from $1,130 - $1,455, as well as 1 and 2 bedrooms between $1,495 and $2,240.

Hopefully, you've already bought all your furniture, then the rent doesn't seem all that bad...

View the listing here.

Picturesque 2 Bedroom Penthouse: $3,500

Located on Wellington, this extravagant apartment looks like it came straight out of a page from Architectural Digest.

Not only does this apartment offer a ton of amenities including a state of the art gym and rooftop pool, but it will also provide renters with incredible views of the city. What more could you ask for?

If this particular unit is out of your price range, studios and 1 bedroom are also available, at lower costs.

View the listing here.

Trendy New York Style Loft: $3,500

This trendy Old Port loft is a dream spot for any renter. Not only does this apartment have 12-foot ceilings but the exposed brick gives it an old-world charm that I just love.

This 1 bedroom & 1 bathroom loft is one of those properties that will instantly have you falling in love with everything it has to offer, especially the location.

View the listing here.

1 Bedroom With Phenomenal Views: $3,200

Rentals | Website

If you want to be able to see La Grande Roue and the rest of Old Montreal from your living room, then this property is for you.

The 1 bedroom is located in the deluxe Chaussegros-De-Lery building and offers renters 1,100 square feet of pure luxury, at a steep price, of course.

View the listing here.

Fully Renovated 4 Bedroom: $3,000

Steps away from Vendome Metro lies this outstanding 4 bedroom apartment that is full of character.

The renovated property offers you a combination of old-world charm and modern elegance making it an ideal spot for anyone to call home.

The only problem is that it's $3,000 a month. Thankfully, if you split this between roommates, you may actually be able to afford it.

View the listing here.

A Chic 3 Bedroom: $3,000

This modern 3 bedroom paradise has a modern, unique vibe that has any young adult wishing they lived in it.

Not only does this building have 3 bedrooms for rent but they also have smaller units at lower prices, which start at $1,550 a month.

View the listing here.

A Striking 2 Bedroom: $2,750

Everything about these apartments screams luxury. From the modern and clean finishing’s to the prime location, this unit truly has it all.

Located close to parks, restaurants and cafes, this dream apartment can be yours... one day.

View the listing here.

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