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M4 Burritos Is Launching The Delicious Taco-In-A-Bag Today In Montreal

Tons of foodies are raving about it on Instagram!
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Tacos are a delicacy we all crave — but what if you happen to be on a first date or meeting your new manager? Sure, you want that glorious combination of cheese, beans, and rice, but you're worried about the mess and awkwardness it can create.

Known for their innovation, freshness (seriously, nothing's ever frozen!), and quality, M4 Burritos has the answer. Today, the popular franchise is releasing Taco-in-a-bag at their three branches (Peel, Concordia, Saint-Denis).

This tasty creation is the solution to all of your food-related problems. Its slogan, "C'est bon en SAC," couldn't be more spot on — because it seriously isgreat in a bag! Chili, sour cream, and lettuce in a bag of Doritos. What better way to devour this delightful treat than with an additional (and iconic!) crunch?

[rebelmouse-image 26886655 alt="01882-MBO" photo_credit="M4 Burritos" expand=1 original_size="3648x4560"] M4 Burritos

M4 Burritos' Taco-in-a-bag is available as of today, so make sure you’re among the first to try this awesome approach to Mexican cuisine. But fear not if you can’t make it today — the deal gets better. Tomorrow only, the franchise is running a promotion where you can snag Taco-in-a-bag for only $1, and then 50% off all week long. Plus, they're doing a bunch of contests not only on their Facebook, but on their own Instagram page and with food bloggers, elie_eats, natachaeats, and fultimefoooodie, so don't miss out!

For anyone wanting a fun, new twist on tacos, M4’s Taco-in-a-bag is definitely for you. Bring your friends or a date, and I guarantee that they'll be impressed by the restaurant's relaxed, urban atmosphere and fresh ingredients.

Taco-in-a-bag is a new concept coming to Montreal — so be one of the first to experience it! Everyone loves Mexican food, chili is always a classic, and now M4 is combining all that goodness in one mess-free bag with their famous Dorito concoction. How could you resist?

M4 Burritos launches Taco-in-a-bag

Price: $1 tomorrow only, and 50% off the original price all week long!

When: All day.

Where: At all three M4 Burritos locations (2053 Rue Peel and 1530 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest, 1773 Rue Saint-Denis).

Why you need to go: Because nothing satisfies a craving for Mexican quite like this incredibly affordable and super innovative twist.

Follow M4 Burritos on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with this mouthwatering creation! For their full menu, check out their website.

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