Man Spotted Practicing Karate On A Montreal Construction Cone Is #FridayFeels (Video)

There's always something strange going on in our city.
Man karate traffic cone
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  • A reader has sent in a video of a man practicing karate on a Montreal construction cone by Champ de Mars metro station.
  • The footage is one of the most typically Montreal scenes we have ever come across.

Earlier this week we asked Montrealers what was the weirdest things they've ever seen in our fair city. And there were answers everywhere from wild, city roosters roaming the streets to the annual naked bike ride cruising down Ste-Catherine.

But one reader with an eagle eye caught yet another bizarre Montreal happening on video and sent it in to us. A man, complete in a karategi attacking a helpless construction cone in abandoned field near Champs de Mars metro station. 

Yes, there are so many questions that could be asked. Was the unidentified man walking home in his karategi when he saw the cone or did he spot the cone then run home and change into proper karate attire? 

Maybe the man was performing a one-man protest against the ongoing construction. Maybe he just really hates orange construction cones? And not to victim shame, but what was the cone doing there, anyway? 

The unsuspecting cone took a stoic stance, accepting the blows with little retaliation. We didn't get to see the end result of the vicious fight but it looks like no one came out the victor.

You can watch the short video below. As the short clip says, "Only in Montreal."

As you can see from the video, the man already has an unfair advantage as a yellow belt, whereas the cone is only a beginner white belt(s).

Karate Kid

But the difference in belt levels doesn't stop the man from doling out a few left and right-footed kicks. It doesn't look like the cone ever had much of a chance. 

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It may not be a Bruce Lee à la Enter the Dragon level karate fight scene (see below), but I guess if you're going to have a sparring partner, one that won't get hurt or fight back is the way to go. 

Hopefully, this man's sensei is proud of his student's dedication to his craft. It's not everyone that takes advantage of a practicing moment mid-day, mid-city, out in the open. We see big things in this guy's karate future. 

Have you seen any person on construction cone violence take place in Montreal? Let us know!

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