13 Photos Of Montreal Canadiens Manager Marc Bergevin's Biceps

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Marc Bergevin's Biceps Are The Real Stars Of The Montreal Canadiens (Photos)

For those of you who don't know, Marc Bergevin is the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens. Since 2012, Bergevin has been managing hockey's most storied franchise. For some fans, Bergevin isn't doing a great job. Others think Bergevin has been doing his best with the hand he was dealt. 

Though some point to Bergevin's lack of action on certain players and questionable trades, the Habs GM had to work with an often sub-par team with terrible prospect development. The winds have shifted in Habsland, as of late, and the team is once again hopeful for the future and completely revamped. 

But you're not here for all that, are you? You're here for the only Habs content that matters to you: biceps. Specifically, Bergevin's biceps. 

Affectionately dubbed the "Bicep Club," most members of the Habs front office are fit and can probably keep pace with their players. The big kahuna of the Bicep Club, Bergevin, has got some seriously envious biceps. They're so swole that prospects and media, alike, are intimidated by the man. 

So, in the spirit of hockey's return to the airwaves, here are the real stars of the Montreal Canadiens — Marc Bergevin's biceps.

Here's one of the first public instances of Biceps Berg. It's a picture seen around the (hockey) world. 

Bergevin's biceps were unknown to us prior to 2015 but there were moments where their glory teased us through layers of wool and cotton. 

In one of his interviews with RDS's Marc Denis, Bergevin's sweater struggles against the swell of his biceps. His triceps aren't bad either, because you can't have one without the other!

The legend of the Bicep Club isn't a new thing, but it was only made official this summer. Clearly, Trevor Timmins (Habs Director of Scouting) didn't get the memo about not talking about Bicep Club. 

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I'm sure Bergevin shows off his 24-inch pythons at every chance he gets, but we get to glimpse them only a few times a year when he's wearing short sleeves in public. 

And somehow, every time he's wearing short sleeves, Bergevin's Biceps know exactly where the camera is to show off the perfect flex. 

There's truly no safer place for a couple of Habs fans than between the Bicep Club. 

But, Berg is the boss and the boss needs to wear a suit like 90% of the time.

Despite that, Berg's Biceps bulge out from whatever he's wearing. From tailored suits... casual flannel...

...and even when he's hiding behind a plant, there's no hiding those bulging Bergevin biceps. 

Need I say more? 

Love him or hate him, there's no denying that Bergevin's biceps are the real stars of the Montreal Canadiens. 

The Habs season starts October 3rd against the Carolina Hurricanes! Go Habs Go!