Massive Car Fire Near Lionel-Groulx Metro Station In Montreal (Video)

A video shared with MTLBlog by Instagram user @21blocks this afternoon shows a massive car fire two blocks from Lionel-Groulx metro station at the Petro-Canada gas station in the Montreal neighbourhood of St-Henri.

Details of the fire are few, but it's clear several police vehicles were on scene.

According to @21blocks, the driver thankfully escaped unharmed.

The fire is quite impressive in its size. Giant swirls of red flames shoot from the side of the car. Clouds of black smoke billow above the gas station.

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TLDR: Thankfully, no one was injured in a car fire that occurred at the corner of ave. Atwater and rue Notre-Dame ouest in the Montreal neighbourhood of St-Henri.

It does not appear officials immediately stopped traffic at the corner of ave. Atwater and rue Notre-Dame ouest.

Subsequent videos shared with MTLBlog show that firefighters did arrive to extinguish the blaze. The black shell of the car was then towed away.

The fire was over so quickly that the Montreal Fire Department did not even release a statement to its Twitter page.

The flames appear to have presented quite a thrill for drivers along busy ave. Atwater, which is a main thoroughfare for people who commute between the downtown and south-west.

This incident comes exactly one week after another car fire slowed traffic on Montreal's highway Highway 40 near the West Island's Fairview Shopping Centre.

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The Montreal evening commute is often full of bizarre phenomena.

Be safe out there and stay tuned for more news!