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Mayor Plante Officially Honours Local Hero Who Crashed His Car To Save Pedestrians

Montrealer Erick Marciano used his SUV to stop a car from hitting pedestrians on November 12.
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Mayor Plante Officially Honours Local Hero Who Crashed His Car To Save Pedestrians
  • Today, Mayor Valérie Plante honoured the new local hero Erick Marciano for the selfless actions he committed last week.
  • On November 12, this man risked his life to save those of a group of pedestrians, who were about to be hit by another driver.
  • See photos of Marciano signing the Montreal's Golden Book below!

Last week, local Montrealer Erick Marciano risked his life to save pedestrians from a runaway car. On the afternoon of November 12, Marciano was on his way to a meeting when he spotted an ongoing police chase. As the runaway car was barrelling towards a large group of pedestrians, Marciano swerved his SUV into the intersection and stopped the car in its tracks.  

The suspect was said to be intoxicated and was instantly knocked unconscious after his vehicle struck Marciano's SUV. Marciano, meanwhile, walked away without a scratch and was hailed as a hero.

Marciano was praised by both the SPVM and city officials for his heroic actions last week. According to CBC News, Marciano was directly responsible for saving the lives of over a dozen pedestrians in downtown Montreal. 

After Mayor Valérie Plante thanked Marciano for his heroism last week, many Montrealers were calling for him to receive the keys to the city and to be officially honoured. Today, the Mayor invited the local hero to an official ceremony in his honour. Surrounded by his family, Marciano accepted the Mayor's certificate of honour and signed the city's Golden Book. 

According to CTV News, Marciano doesn't consider himself a hero and says that his actions were just a "natural thing to do."

Mayor Plante today said that she salutes Marciano's incredible gesture. She also said that his actions are one of the most admirable acts of bravery.

Translation: On November 12, Erick Marciano acted as a hero and caused an accident with his own vehicle to protect several pedestrians. On my behalf and on behalf of Montrealers, I salute this exceptional gesture that saved lives. Thank you, Mr. Marciano. #polmtl

Marciano said that he would do it again if he had to. When he saw the vehicle heading towards the crowd of pedestrians, he knew that he had to act. The 19-year-old suspect was instantly stopped by Marciano's SUV. 

The suspect was instantly arrested on-site and is facing charges of impaired driving and public endangerment.

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Praised from people all over Montreal, Marciano was amazed at all the media attention that he's received this past week. Apparently, the last person to sign the city's Golden Book was teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg. 

The honour ceremony was attended by his wife, his parents, and his three children. Marciano's wife told CTV News that he always puts himself before others and wasn't surprised by his heroic act. 

Translate: Erick Marciano of Montreal signs the City Hall Golden Book, a tribute to the heroic act of using his car to block the way for a fugitive straight to pedestrians last week.

Marciano's heroic act saved the lives of many pedestrians and he deserves all the honour he gets! It's acts of courage like this that remind us all there is still good in the world. 

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