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Mayor Plante Praises Heroic Driver Who Crashed Into A Speeding Car To Save Pedestrians

Montrealer Erick Marciano stopped a runaway car with his SUV yesterday afternoon.
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Mayor Plante Praises Heroic Driver Who Crashed Into A Speeding Car To Save Pedestrians
  • Yesterday, a regular Montreal citizen, Erick Marciano, became a hometown hero as he blocked another car to stop the driver from hitting a group of pedestrians.
  • His quick actions saved numerous lives, which many people have since thanked him for.
  • Read reactions from Mayor Plante and others about this brave act of kindness below!

Tuesday afternoon was like any regular afternoon for Montrealer Erick Marciano. He was downtown and heading to a meeting when he noticed a speeding car getting chased by the police. Little did he know that his Tuesday afternoon was about to get a lot more interesting. Most people would've just driven away, but Marciano is not most people. 

This morning, Marciano woke up a local hero, praised by Mayor Valérie Plante and the SPVM for his actions yesterday afternoon. See, when Marciano saw the runaway car barrelling towards a large group of pedestrians, he took matters into his own hands. According to reports, Marciano blocked the road with his SUV and the incoming car smashed into his passenger side, stopping the would-be assailant in his tracks. 

Radio-Canada reports that a "possibly intoxicated" fugitive was making a harrowing escape from the police when he turned towards an intersection and tried to run down a bunch of pedestrians. The suspect was knocked unconscious from the collision with Marciano's vehicle and he was detained at the scene. The only damages Marciano sustained were to his SUV, which is beyond repair. Otherwise, he was unscathed. 

Hailed as a hero, Marciano has seen heaps of praise from Montreal city officials this morning, including from Mayor Plante and even opposition leader Lionel Perez.

Mayor Plante thanked Marciano for his "heroic gesture" which "saved the lives of many pedestrians." According to CBC News, roughly a dozen pedestrians were at risk of being run down by the fugitive driver. 

Translation:I salute the courage of Erick Marciano, whose heroic gesture saved the lives of many pedestrians @CentrevilleMTL. On behalf of myself and Montrealers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mr. Marciano.

Even opposition leader Lionel Perez, who disagrees with Mayor Plante on most issues, praised the local hero for his commendable actions yesterday afternoon. 

Translation: I just spoke with my friend Erick Marciano to congratulate him on his courageous act of yesterday that saved the lives of a dozen pedestrians. I look forward to officially honouring your bravery in the council.

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It seems Marciano's heroic actions happened to fall on the eve of "World Kindness Day," although I doubt that's what Marciano had in mind when he stopped the driver, but it is an excellent coincidence.

The suspect is a 19-year-old male who was arrested at the scene. He will appear in court Wednesday morning and is facing charges of impaired driving and public endangerment. 

On his Facebook page, Marciano writes that "I guess I'm a nice guy if only my wife would believe it!" I'm sure that she does now, good sir! One responder writes that "Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they drive a Mercedes Benz SUV!" 

Had Marciano not acted, we would be writing a very different story. By committing what was truly an incredible act, Erick Marciano deserves to be considered a local hero. We should all strive to be a little bit like him every single day. 

MTL Blog thanks local hero Erick Marciano for his bravery and courage in the face of danger. 

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