Mayor Plante Released Her Plans To Redevelop Rue Notre-Dame Est & The Photos Are Stunning

Rue Notre-Dame Est is getting a makeover!
 Rue Notre-Dame Est
  • Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante has announced today that the city will soon begin work to completely revitalize rue Notre-Dame Est.
  • The plans include a boulevard with tons of green space, a pedestrian path and bike path and even a tramway-style train.
  • Take a look at the future of Notre-Dame Est in the photos below!

It seems that Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante never sleeps. Yesterday, she announced that the city had acquired another 140 hectares (aka 192 soccer fields) of land in Pierrefonds-Roxborough as part of the Great Western Park. And today, according to the CBC, Plante is going to announce a new 10-year plan to redevelop rue Notre-Dame Est. The plan is to turn the oft-congested commuter route into a beautiful boulevard, complete with green spaces, a huge bike lane, pedestrian paths and even a tram-style train.

While the full details have yet to be released, the photos below show just how beautiful the space will be if things go as planned. 

Of course, public transit is of utmost importance to Plante and Montrealers alike, so the news of a proposed tramway or light-rail transit, like the REM, is particularly exciting. 

This development would completely change how Montrealers who live out in the Eastern borough would get to and from work in the city centre. Increased public transit would also mean big things for businesses in this area.

The plan also promises to open up access to the St-Lawrence, something that is sorely lacking in this sector of the riverside.

Last year, Plante and Chantal Rouleau, who acts as Minister for Transport and Minister for Greater Montréal and the Montréal Region, announced the "Declaration to revitalize Montreal's East," which outlined a vision and a plan to focus their collective energy on bringing life back to this part of Montreal that holds "high development potential."

In the original announcement, Plante and Rouleau spoke of "increased mobility, soil decontamination, economic development and improved quality of life for citizens," all of which seem to be present in this new project to overhaul the eastern stretch of Notre-Dame.

Collectively, the government of Quebec, the city of Montreal and the ARTM (Regional Metropolitan Transportation Authority) are all working together to actualize this plan, of which a huge factor is public transportation. 

Notre-Dame is a "strategic artery," and the hope is that this transformation into an urban boulevard will provide a "sustainable mobility corridor connecting the neighbourhoods from the tip of the island to the city centre."

Chantal Rouleau spoke about the area last year when she and Plante came together to make this commitment to revitalize the eastern region of Montreal.

"East Montreal has a clear potential for development. It is time that we take care, finally and very seriously, of this territory that has been too-long neglected.

With the City of Montreal and our other partners, we will tackle some serious problems. We will invest to advance structuring projects, including the revitalization of rue Notre-Dame and the decontamination of land."

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