Mayor Plante Is Accepting Applications From Anyone Who'd Like To Host Her For Dinner

Got room for 10 or 15 people?
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Mayor Valérie Plante & Her Team Are Accepting Dinner Party Applications

I would think that Mayor Valérie Plante's name is on most people's lists for dream Montreal dinner guests.

As the first woman to be Mayor of Montreal, Plante has been a trailblazer in more ways that one — from leading the charge on tackling climate change to helping usher our city into the future. Even if you might disagree with her, why wouldn't you want her as a dinner guest? 

Well, here's your chance. To celebrate her two-year anniversary, Mayor Plante and her administration are offering Montrealers a unique opportunity to host the Mayor for a private dinner party

There's only one condition. Mayor Plante will also be inviting 10 to 15 of her friends and staff along for the party.

November 5 marks the two-year anniversary of Projet Montréal's administration. In just two short years, the Mayor and her team have done some incredible things for this city. One highlight that stands out is finally getting funding for a much-needed blue line extension. 

Officially described as a "dinner assembly," the Mayor and 10 to 15 others will attend a dinner party hosted at your house (as long as it qualifies).

The winner will be selected on November 5th! You can register by filling out the official form here

Mayor Plante and the Projéct Montreal team have been quite busy this past couple of years. It seems that every day, she's making headlines and putting our city on the map. 

Translation: November 5 marks the 2nd anniversary of our administration! For the occasion, I want to come to meet you, because you are the reason I got into politics. Would a dinner party at your place interest you? Invite me!

From changing street names to honour Indigenous history and announcing that Montreal will be home to the largest urban park in Canada, Mayor Plante has been a perfect example of what progressive politics can accomplish.

Even if you don't think she's doing a good job, why not invite her to your place and have a respectful debate? 

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Mayor Plante would probably be a fantastic dinner guest and will definitely have tons of awesome stories. If I was there, I'd ask her what she was whispering to Greta. 

On a more serious note, I'd also probably ask her about that time she stood up to building contractors and rejected their proposal to build a tower without social housing. 

Or you know, what Justin Trudeau smells like.

Mayor Plante has had so many iconic moments in only two years! Imagine what she can do with many more.

So if you have a bitchin' kitchen and want to have an incredible dinner party with the Mayor and 10-15 of her friends, don't hesitate! 

To invite Mayor Valérie Plante over for a dinner party, register here

Teddy Elliot
Staff Writer
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