McDonald's At LaRonde Is Permanently Closed And This Is What Will Replace It

LaRonde has been open now for a few weeks, and many adrenaline junkies have already gone to the amusement park to try out the new Chaos ride or re-live some old favourites like Le Monstre and Le Vampire. 

If you've had the chance to go to LaRonde this year, you know that there are a lot of new changes. One of the most notable changes is the disappearance of the famous golden arches.

That's right, the McDonald's at LaRonde in the Pays de Ribambelle has officially closed its doors.

This is sad news for the many Montrealers who spent a good portion of their summers as teenagers eating Big Macs in between rides at the amusement park.

The McDonald's, which was the only McDonald's in Quebec to be only open six months out of the year, has closed after 35 years of serving burgers to all LaRonde-goers.

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Narcity Quebec reported that it is McDonald's who decided not to renew their lease, citing the fact that the restaurant would need to undergo significant renovations as their reasoning.

The fast-food giant also mentioned the fact that the restaurant is only open a few months out of the year as a reason to close the restaurant.

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But, fear not, because you will still be able to get your burger fix at LaRonde. The new restaurant which will be replacing the McDonald's is La Centrale Burgers & Frites, a fast-food chain serving burgers and fries as well as fried chicken, onion rings and other snacks. 

The McDonald's at LaRonde has officially closed its doors after 35 years in operation. The restaurant that will replace the popular fast-food chain is La Centrale Burgers & Frites.

Head to Narcity Quebec to read their article reporting of the closure in French.