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McDonald's Is Giving Away FREE Fries Today In Quebec

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McDonald's Is Giving Away FREE Fries Today In Quebec

The Montreal Canadians scored the first goal yesterday, and went on to win 2-1 against the Coyotes (go habs!). This was a great win, and it's definitely one worth celebrating. And nothing says treat yourself like getting some fries, especially if those fries are free!

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TL;DR Log into your My McDs app to claim your free medium fries. You're probably going to have to go pick them up yourself though, because delivery services are dealing with extremely high demand.

McDonald's promised to give away free fries if the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge scored the first goal, and they're delivering on that promise today! Go to any McDonald's today and claim your free medium french fries. The offer is valid between 11 a.m today, January 24, until tomorrow at 4 a.m. All you have to do is log into your My McDs app.

And now that I've given you the good news, here's a little bit of bad news. Delivery services are proving unreliable today. Earlier, Uber Eats had to cancel all deliveries because of the hazardous state of Montreal roads. The service is again operational, but wait times are astronomical.

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That means that if you want fries you may have to go get them yourself. You can see this as a good thing though: it's a built-in little workout to help your burn off those calories.

Is it worth the trek? That really is the tough question... 

Stay tuned!

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