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McGill's Fall 2020 Semester Will Take Place Mostly Online

The Fall semester is still set to start on September 2 for most faculties.
McGill's Fall 2020 Semester Will Take Place Mostly Online

As the world begins to adapt to a new normal, many institutions are making changes as to what the rest of their year is going to look like — universities being one of them. It was announced on May 11 that the majority of classes for McGill University's Fall semester 2020 are going to be held online. 

The news release about this subject tells us that "to allow McGill students to begin, or continue, their academic path no matter where they are, Fall 2020 courses will be offered primarily through remote delivery platforms."

In a letter from the Academic Vice-Principal, Professor Christopher P. Manfredi, he confirms that the Fall semester will begin on its expected date, which is September 2 for most faculties.

Previously, MTL Blog had spoken to two local professors, one being from McGill University, about advice for students on how to adapt to online learning, which you can read here.

"Students and their families can be assured we are planning for robust and high-quality teaching even if the modes of delivery will be modified for this term," Professor Manfredi told everyone.

Fall semester 2020 will definitely be looking different than what students at McGill are used to.

Since McGill is also known for its amazing extracurricular opportunities, the news release confirmed that the University will be finding ways to ensure that such is still possible — whether it be remotely or in-person remains uncertain.

"As the situation evolves, and as public health restrictions on social gathering are lifted, the University will examine possibilities for on-campus student life and learning activities, which will respect careful safety protocols."

So, the question of if McGill's famous Frosh Week will be happening this year is still up in the air...

McGill University is not the first university in Montreal to make a similar announcement.

Université de Montréal announced on May 8 that all courses in the Fall semester that can be held online will be.

Officials of McGill University promise that "it will be McGill just the same."

Stay tuned for more news.

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