Health Inspectors Shut Down McGill's Beloved Samosa Sales & Students Are Livid

Say it ain't so-mosa!
Health Inspectors Shut Down McGill's Beloved Samosa Sales & Students Are Livid

This is a day that will go down in the annals of McGill. October 22, 2019, will forever be remembered as the day the cheap McGill samosa died.

These are no regular samosas; they are cheap, they are good, they are easy to get, and they are the main food staple of many a McGill university student. But not anymore thanks to city food inspectors who shut down a samosa sale fundraiser that was taking place on the downtown campus.

It turns out, inspectors happened to be in the Burnside Hall building conducting a regular inspection of the campus cafeteria when they spotted the samosa stand. They immediately shut down the sale.

Some of the reasons that the inspectors cited were: food wasn't sealed, there were no hairnets, lack of gloves and the food wasn't kept on a hotplate. Since samosas have cooked vegetables they must not be sold at room temperature.  Though, let's be honest — as a student, I have eaten much grosser things than room temperature vegetables. 

The Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU) has now banned all samosa sales on campus. 

And Twitter is not happy. Students new and old headed to social media to express their outrage and mourn the loss of their beloved samosas.

The ban will remain in effect until all necessary criteria to serve samosas can be met. 

But food quality was still of little importance to many who lamented the loss of their beloved samosas. 

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The samosas are often sold for only $1 each, so it's no wonder the ban has incited such emotion. Turns out when food is cheap enough and you're broke enough — how that food is prepared is of little consequence. 

To the inevitable end:

For some, dropping out is the only possible recourse.

The student union is currently creating guidelines for any student groups planning on selling food. Hopefully, that means that samosas will be back in business relatively soon. 

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