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A Passenger With Measles Arrived In Montreal From The U.S. & Potentially Exposed Others

A possible exposure occurred on an August 6th flight from Las Vegas.
A Passenger With Measles Arrived In Montreal From The U.S. & Potentially Exposed Others
  • Officials have confirmed that an individual on a flight from Las Vegas carried measles in Montreal.
  • Officials have not yet released a list of specific locations where the individual may have exposed other people to the virus.

Yet another case of public measles exposure has taken place in Montreal after a passenger on an August 6th flight from Las Vegas showed symptoms of the disease days after they landed. Health officials warn passengers on that flight that they could have potentially been infected. 

The passenger immediately consulted with health officials and is now under observation. This is now the 24th case of measles in Quebec in 2019. Last year, only 4 cases were discovered.

Measles is a highly contagious disease that can spread through fluid contact. Cases of measles decrease by 97% when people are vaccinated, according to Quebec's health ministry. Anti-measles vaccines are free in Canada. 

Health officials are currently collaborating with the airline in question to contact everyone who was on the flight to warn them of potential exposure. If someone you know was on that flight and you've been in contact with them, you might be exposed as well.

An investigation is currently underway, according to Radio-Canada and Dr. Renée Paré, a medical consultant at the Montreal Public Health Department. They're trying to determine where this infected passengers might have visited before finding out they were infected.

In most cases, measles is brought into Montreal from abroad. Just one week ago, a measles case was reported on the North Shore and Laval

Clark Country health services in Nevada released a list of places where people might've been exposed to measles.

There is no indication that these cases are connected but Las Vegas health officials found these cases on the same day the flight left for Montreal. 

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There's little reason to not be vaccinated against this disease in 2019. It's a curable and preventable.

Anyone who thinks they might have contracted measles should go get vaccinated within 7 days of exposure. It's tough to fight off once you get measles, but if you're in good health, it's survivable. 

Montreal health officials are still investigating potential exposure sites.

The government of Quebec has so far not updated its list of places where a measles exposure potentially occurred.

More details will be released as they come.

To find out more about measles and what symptoms to look for, consult the health ministry's official measles directory

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