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Quebec Mansions For Sale That Could Be Perfect New Homes For Meghan & Harry (Photos)

Fit for royalty!
Meghan And Harry's New House In Canada Should Be One Of These Quebec Mansions For Sale

It's official, our favourite royals, Harry, Meghan, and baby Archie are packing up and moving to North America for part of the year to "live a more independent life," according to the Queen. As the news broke, Canadians began to speculate where, exactly, the Duke and Duchess would settle. In hopes of getting their attention, I took it upon myself to play real estate agent and found a few Quebec homes that are fit for Meghan and Harry's new life in Canada.

Though the couple has demonstrated preference for Vancouver and Toronto, Montreal and its surrounding areas are not lacking in palatial homes that befit a family of royals.

Meghan and Harry seem like the kind of couple that would prefer being outside of the city, surrounded by nature or even somewhere on a golf course where they can better maintain their privacy.

However, if they do decide to settle down in a city, there is one particular downtown Montreal mansion that would be ideal for the young family.

For most, these mega-mansions are only attainable in dreams. But if you're sitting on a couple million and itching to spend it, these homes may be for you! 

Château Fleur De Lys

This magnificent Mont-Tremblant mansion, constructed in 2012, looks like it was built with the Royal family in mind.

The 17,000 square-foot château has 50 rooms, including 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and 4 powder rooms.

There are also 17 fireplaces that are sure to keep the royals warm during the cold Quebec winters.

View the listing here!

Impressive Family Compound

This breathtaking home is situated in the Laurentians and commands sweeping views of the surrounding landscape.

A waterfront pool, two docks, and a boathouse take full advantage of those vistas.

The impressive compound is on the market for over $4.9 million and I truly feel like Harry, Meghan, and Archie would love living in this impeccable home.

View the listing here!

Downtown Montreal Royal Palace

Google street view

Situated in the heart of downtown Montreal, this $29.5 million home gives me major English countryside-estate vibes. The listing even calls it a "real-life Downton Abbey."

Renowned architect Charles Platt designed the home, supposedly his only work outside the U.S., according to the listing.

This iconic structure has hosted many exclusive guests, including Queen Elizabeth II, herself, making this an obvious choice for the royal couple.

View the listing here!

"Majestic" Gated Residence

google street view

This waterfront home is located in Laval and currently on the market for over $3.3 million!

"The interiors [are] meticulously designed as open concept living spaces, cathedral and domed ceilings divided by the grandeur of impressive columnated hallway," says the listing.

If Harry and Meghan are looking for a home in our hood, I think this could be perfect for them!

View the listing here!

Mansion Ready For Royalty 

Located on the Lac des Deux Montagnes, this enormous home is, in my opinion, a tastefully crafted masterpiece.

The custom-built residence is, according to the listing, "complete with a 6 car garage, elevator, spa, gym, indoor swimming pool, and cinema room."

The luxurious space is for sale for an impressive $9.5 million, so if you have that kind of money lying around, maybe you can beat Meghan and Harry to it!

View the listing here!

Castle Fit For Royals

Google street view

This castle-inspired structure is surrounded by mountain views. Situated on 214,886 square feet of land, the 20-room home is considered a work of architectural art, according to its listing.

Inside this grand edifice are 4 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, a home theatre, and an indoor swimming pool.

Rich embellishments and a sprawling property make this $6.95 million home fit for a Queen — or a Duke and Duchess of course!

View the listing here!

Resort-Like Estate

Google street view

Combining "sophistication and refinement," says the listing, "this grand home is astutely located on one of the most pristine golf courses" in the province.

"This resort-like estate is a well-defined concept, with the essence of serenity and zen" — something the beleaguered royal couple desperately needs.

Sitting on 140,000 square feet of land, this house can be yours for just $4. 8 million!

View the listing here!

Zen Inspired Mansion

Google street view

This home is truly magnificent. With over 8,000 square feet of living space, this property offers both luxury and privacy, ideal for our favourite royals.

Not only does the home offer a dynamic layout and 4 bedrooms, but it is also within walking distance of the charming Saint-Sauveur Village, says the listing.

And, at just $2.4 million, I believe it to be the perfect spot for the Mr. and Mrs. Sussex, and of course, Baby Archie!

View the listing here!

Here's wishing that the Sussexes find happiness in their new Canadian home!

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