Members Of Arcade Fire Gave A Performance During The Montreal Climate Strike

They opened for Greta Thunberg.
Members Of Arcade Fire Gave A Performance During The Montreal Climate Strike
  • Patrick Watson, the Barr Brothers, and Richard Reed Parry and Tim Kingsbury from Arcade Fire gave a performance for the thousands of protestor who gathered at the end of the Montreal climate strike.
  • Greta Thunberg delivered a speech following the performance, declaring that "we will keep doing this" until leaders listen.

If you were stuck at your desk while the rest of the city is out protesting to save our planet, you are about to get some real FOMO because Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry and Tim Kingsbury, The Barr Brothers, and Patrick Watson performed live at the Montreal climate strike.

The performers joined an estimated 500,000 people in downtown Montreal, reportedly the largest demonstration in the history of Quebec.

The march, led by Greta Thunberg, started at Mount Royal and as it came to its end on rue De la Commune, participants were greeted with a very special surprise.

Canadian artists Richard Reed Parry and Tim Kingsbury, and Montreal born artists Patrick Watson and The Barr Brothers wanted to show their love to Mother Earth and give our city a performance to remember.

These artists usually cost a pretty penny to see live and the fact that locals are getting to see them perform in this environment is something special.

Although one protestor tweeted that they were unable to hear the performance because “the giant speakers are playing other music,” which kind of sucks, the fact of their presence is honestly awesome enough to make up for it.

The Brothers, Watson, Parry and Kingsbury opened for Thunberg, who gave a rousing speech to the thousands of protestors before her.

She said that Canada is a lost like Sweden. "You are cold, we are cold. You like ice hokcey, we like ice hockey...You are a national that is allegedly a climate leader and Sweden is also a nation that is allegedly a climate leader and in both cases it means absolutely nothing," she told the crowd.

At one point, so many people were crowded in part of the Plateau Mont-Royal that cell service crashed.

The metro, which was free for the entire day, also became the site of small demonstrations as protestors packed onto trains and poured into the downtown area.

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