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Michelle Obama Is Coming To Montreal

This might be your only chance ever to see her in person!
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Michelle Obama Is Coming To Montreal

The Obama presidency was a gift not only to the United States, but to people around the world.

The poise, elegance, and dignity with which the Obama family conducted themselves in the White House has made them worldwide celebrities.

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TL;DR Michelle Obama is bringing her book tour to the Montreal Bell Centre on Friday May 3rd, 2019. You can purchse tickets through a link to Ticketmaster at the bottom of this article.

Our current dystopian political reality has only made them more popular in retrospect. The mere mention of president Obama is enough to move Democrats to tears.

But even he cannot beat the popularity of Michelle, who is just about universally admired by Democrats and Republicans, alike. Some people are even begging her to run for president, or at least the senate, in 2020 to inject some care and intelligence back into the American political system.

Michelle's current book tour has only further provoked speculation. In Becoming, she discusses some of the most personal details of her life and hints, some suggest, at potential political ambition.

She covers these topics and more on her current book tour, which has scheduled stops across North America.

Luckily for Montrealers, tickets are now on salefor a planned stop at the Bell Centre!

So far, the tour has received rave reviews. The former first lady has also on occassion let her guard down. A few weeks ago, she famously began to use swear words to describe patriarchy in the workplace.

So who knows what may happen when Obama comes to Montreal!

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The "Conversation with Michelle Obama" is Friday May 3rd, 2019 at 8:00pm.

Those interested in attending can purchase their tickets through Ticketmaster here. As of 2:00pm, there are still tickets available. But Ticketmaster warns that seats are selling quickly!

This may be your only opportunity ever to see Michelle Obama in person!

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