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This Winter Mountain Coaster Is Opening This Weekend Only An Hour From Montreal

Have you ever ridden a roller coaster in the dead of winter?
This Winter Mountain Coaster Is Opening This Weekend Only An Hour From Montreal
  • Even though there isn't any snow on the ground yet, Mont Saint-Saveur's Winter Alpine coaster "The Viking" is opening this weekend!
  • Calling all thrill-seekers, this ride was made for you.
  • Check out a video of The Viking in motion below!

You don't have to wait until there's snow on the ground, which is coming sooner rather than later to Montreal, to head to Mont St-Saveur. One of its wildest attractions is nearly open for the season starting this Friday. 

The Viking is an Alpine coaster that shoots down the side of the popular ski hill Les Sommets in Mont Saint-Saveur. The coaster can hit speeds up to 35 km/h while treating you to spectacular views if your eyes aren't tightly shut.  

The coaster is made up of a bob-sled like car that fits up to two. It rides along a 1.5 km track with sharp turns and sudden drops. It's also equipped with a brake so you can control the speed. So, you either ignore it completely, for the daredevils out there, or hit the brakes for a leisurely tour - but what's the fun in that? The faster, the better.

Opened for 10 years now, the Viking is the only Alpine coaster in Quebec. You'll have to head pretty far west to find another like it. 

It takes anywhere from five to six minutes to go from start to finish, which is way better than a normal roller coaster where you have to wait in long lines that take over an hour just for an under 60-second ride. 

Check out the video below for a first-hand experience of what it's like to take a ride on the coaster - complete with commentary. 

One trip on it costs $13.99, but if you want two or more, the price drops to $9.99. There are also special deals if you're planning to ski or already have a ski pass. 

The coaster is set to officially open November 8 (but it's best to check the site to make sure). So, if you head there this weekend, you can take advantage of a ride and fewer people, on this monster before the hill officially opens for skiing.  It usually runs well into May, so you have a few months to plan your trip, which is only about an hour's drive away.

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While you're there, you can also hit up the four-season zip line known as "The Dragon" to experience a 43 meters high view of Mont Saint-Sauveur.

For those that can't get enough of hurtling down hills, there is also snow tubing offered at Saint-Sauveur, but you will have to wait until December when the season begins for that.

The Viking – An Alpine Coaster On Mont Saint Saveur

When: Weekends: November 8, 2019 until May 17, 2020

Where: 350 Avenue St Denis, Saint-Sauveur

Cost: One ride: $13.99, two + rides: $9.99 each


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