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You Can Drink Hot Cocoa Next To The Runway At YUL Airport & It's The Perfect Date Idea

Grab some blankets and spend your night watching planes take off!
You Can Drink Hot Cocoa Next To The Runway At YUL Airport & It's The Perfect Date Idea
  • If you've been trying to look for a new date idea, look no further! Plane watching next to YUL airport during the winter is the perfect plan.
  • All you need are some blankets, hot chocolate, and a date.
  • Find out how you can do so below!

I thought I had found all of the secret spots in Montreal, but it seems I was wrong. Recently, I learned about an awesome little pearl located near the airport that is the perfect date idea. This special and out of the box activity includes hot chocolate, blankets and best of all, watching planes go up and down. And yes, it's as cool as it sounds. 

Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps was created specifically as a lookout for people to watch the planes take off and land. The park is located close to the airport's runway and is equipped with benches and bleachers to make sure visitors are comfortable as they admire the magnitude of the giant planes that seem as though they are in arms reach.

This spot is not only a lot of fun to check out with friends, but there is something romantic about sitting on the bleachers and cuddling under a blanket with that special someone in your life.

There's no doubt that this is a great spot to go during the summertime, but throughout those cold, winter nights, there is a certain romance that is paired with this unique activity.

My personal favourite time to go to this spot is during sunset. As the lively colours fill the sky, the planes give off the illusion of being part of a painting - it is nothing short of magical.

But, as previously mentioned, there's something romantic about going when the night takes over and the city lights take over the skyline. 

This little gem tucked away near the airport is without a doubt one of Montreal's best-kept secrets. Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps has an undeniable cool factor that is certain to impress anyone who makes their way there.

Don't get me wrong, Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps isn’t just for couples, it is also great for kids, family time and a girls' night out. From the snow illuminating through the lights to the fact that the planes are so close to you, this park is about to be your go-to spot this winter.

Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps

Where: Avenue Jenkins, Dorval - next to the YUL airport

When: Whenever you feel like plane watching!

Why: As winter gets worse, we're all looking for cool things to do that will remind us why we love our city, and this is the perfect reminder!