6 Montreal Spots That Deliver Happy Hour Essentials Right To You

Your next at-home 5 à 7 cocktails delivered to your doorstep!
6 Montreal Spots That Deliver Happy Hour Essentials Right To You
  • Knowing that Montreal alcohol delivery is likely to be on the minds of many locals right now, MTL Blog thought it would be helpful to make a list of places that deliver cocktail ingredients or wine bottles right to your door.
  • Your next at-home happy hour just got a lot easier!

While this time of social distancing has me missing many things, I really can't seem to get happy hours in the city off my mind. I'm someone who loves a good 5 à 7 in Montreal — the vibrant energy combined with the flavour-filled cocktails are some of the things I'm craving most throughout this period of isolation. And, although I can't recreate the liveliness of a bar, I can help you find Montreal alcohol delivery and spots that will bring cocktail ingredients to your doorstep!

Some of the spots of this list will deliver wine to your door, while others create full-blown cocktail recipes for you — and all you need to do is add your own alcohol.

Either way, I must admit that these Montreal establishments are going above and beyond to make sure that we stay sane during this confusing time.

Although I know we're all missing the Montreal nightlife scene right now, we have to appreciate the nightlife scene for finding ways to turn virtual.

You can listen to local DJs playing live sets while you sip on your delicious cocktail(s).

See the list of Montreal spots that will deliver all you need for your next 5 à 7 drink below!

Brahm Mauer

Brahm Mauer runs a Montreal bar service and during this isolation period, he's been delivering cocktail kits right to his clients' doors.

He's got a variety of kits to pick from, and I have to admit — each recipe looks better than the next.

All you need to do is simply your own booze, and you've got yourself a party!

Peep his Instagram for more info.

Atwater Cocktail Club

The ACC is one of the hottest spots in Montreal and now that we can't enjoy the fabulous ambiance, at least we know we can enjoy its incredible cocktails.

The website even gives you bartender notes to make sure that your cocktail turns out perfect.

Atwater Cocktail Club has combined its menu with Milky Way, Fugazzi Pizza, and Foiegwa. So, you can order dinner at the same time.

You can call Fugazzi Pizza for delivery at 438-522-7499!

Check out the cocktail menu here.

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Flux Bar Service

Flux Bar Service is a Montreal based company that has been creating incredible cocktails mixes for you to try out.

Not only are the five types of cocktail mixes all full of flavour, but the names will make you laugh out loud.

There's the Lockdown, the Sit Yo A** home, the Where You Going, the Let Me Out, and the Bored At Home.

Each kit, which is $25 and can make about eight cocktails, contains everything you need. Just add your alcohol, and voila!

You can order by sending Flux a direct message on Instagram.

Le Bureau Tapas Bar

Le Bureau Tapas bar is known for its vibrant energy, delicious tapas dishes, and abundance of alcohol.

Throughout this isolation period, Le Bureau is offering discounts on take-out on food and wine.

And, as an added bonus, with every bottle of wine purchased, you will get a roll of toilet paper! Plus, if you call to place your order (514-903-1642), you can an additional 20% off.

See Le Bureau's Instagram for more details.


As good news we all needed right now, Ryú is offering pickup and delivery in Montreal.

The best part? Ryú's new alcohol list has wine and sake bottles at a 35% discount.

there's one thing I love more than booze and that's a good deal — and Ryú is offering just that.

Find out more!


This one may seem like a given, but it's only recently that SAQ's home delivery is back!

As we all know, happy hours should be versatile. Some days you may want fruity Smirnoff Ice, while others you crave a simple glass of wine.

And, knowing that we can order some of the cool cocktail kits from above, but need to add our own liquor to them, we know SAQ has us covered for not needing to leave our homes.

You can order directly on its website.

Cheers, Montreal!