Montreal Area Woman Miraculously Woke Up From Coma 30 Minutes Before Being Removed From Life Support

A Montreal-area woman has lived through what most would surely call a miracle. After being in a coma and having her condition deteriorate, doctors were ready to remove her from her life support and her family was facing the reality of saying goodbye.

And then, just 30 minutes before they intended to remove life support, she woke up.

There is no question that Suzanne Desjardins and her whole family are over the moon... particularly as she is just about to celebrate a birthday!

Last month, Suzanne, who suffers from pulmonary emphysema, ended up in the hospital after falling ill from catching the flu.

Then, on May 23rd, Suzanne's condition began to seriously deteriorate and the doctors believed that she wouldn't make it through the night. She was having a very hard time breathing properly and needed the help of a machine to help her.

Then, she was unable to wake up. With the lack of consciousness added to the inability to breathe on her own, doctors decided it was best to let her go.

The next day, May 24th, doctors had scheduled Suzanne to be taken off her life support. Her family, of course, wished nothing more than to keep Suzanne with them, but also did not want her to be suffering. 

They intended to decrease oxygen while increasing morphine, so that Suzanne didn't suffer as they slowly removed life support around 6PM.

At 5:30 PM, her children were with the pulmonologist, who was explaining how the procedure would take place. 

Then, Suzanne's eyes began to open. Her brother leapt from his chair, shaking her, encouraging her to wake up. Within 10 seconds Suzanne was fully awake, surprising hospital caregivers.

It took Suzanne a couple days to catch her bearings and understand the full extent of what she had gone through. She still has some healing to do before she's allowed to leave the hospital, but all in all she's terribly happy to be alive and getting better.

In her interview with Journal de Montreal she says she wants to live and feels she has a lot of things to do still. After all, she turns just 54 next week... by some standards she's only lived half her life!

Plus, she's lived through one miracle. So, who's to say she won't live to experience another?

To read the full interview with Suzanne and her family in French, head to the Journal de Montreal's article here. TVA also reported on Suzanne's recovery this morning, their article, also in French, can be found here.