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Montreal Bars & Restaurants That Feel Like A Beach Vacation If You're Too Broke To Travel
  • Here are 7 Montreal bars and restaurants where you can get the feel of a tropical beach vacation if you're too broke to travel this winter.
  • Pretend you're sitting poolside in Palm Springs or sipping a cocktail on a Polynesian beach at sunset.
  • When the weather gets grey, head to one of these places.

Social media is slowly becoming flooded with holiday vacation pictures. For the unlucky few of us that are stuck behind this holiday season, it is a great time to explore the Montreal tropics. Throughout our city are bars and restaurants that offer glimpses of paradise and can give you a little taste of the vacation you so desperately need but can't afford. 

Warm vacations are great but living in a city as alive as Montreal is worth the cold. If you are constantly searching for places where you can warm up and feel connected to the heat, then our city has a few surprises for you. 

From Cuban-inspired cafés and Tiki bars to Thai eateries and Palm Springs-style oases, our city has plenty of opportunity for tropical fun.

This list will guide you through local spots that will give you that vacation feel, without the spending or the passport! 


Where: 436 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

From the moment you enter this little slice of paradise, you instantly feel like you are on vacation!

While the décor gives guests the sense of being somewhere warm, the array of fruity cocktails teleport your tastebuds to the tropics.

Boho is a great place to keep hot during the cold months of winter!


La Habanera 

Where: 1216 Avenue Union

If you are craving a vacation to Cuba but can’t afford the trip this season, why not check out Montreal’s little slice of the Caribbean nation?

La Habanera is a café and bar that serves incredible Cuban dishes among Havana-inspired decor.

The only things that are missing are the sun and cigars!


Snowbird Tiki Bar

Where: 6388 Rue St-Hubert

This Tiki-inspired bar goes all out to make guests feel like they're on a tropical beach at sunset. Somehow, the cocktails even taste like vacation.

The best part about Snowbird Tiki Bar is that it also serves up some tasty eats, satisfying all your cravings!

The Farsides

Where: 690 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

The Farsides is one of the newest players in the Montreal food scene and I can tell you first hand, this establishment is really dope.

From the Thai-Hawaiian fusion cuisine to the graffiti walls and ’90s hip-hop-inspired décor, this restaurant is designed to look and feel like it's a world away from Montreal.

And, to top it off, the restaurant is equipped with a decorative basketball court and Louis Vuitton and Chanel bathrooms — perfect for selfies!



Where: 1950 Rue Claude-Gagné, Laval

This Palm Springs-inspired restaurant may not be in Montreal but trust me when I tell you it is worth the commute on the orange line!

The space is a slice of the retro desert oasis and the mouth-watering foods will stimulate your taste buds in the best possible way!


Nacho Libre

Where: 913 Rue Beaubien E.

This bar with video games, swings, and Mexican dishes is one of my go-to spots when I am looking to escape the cold.

It reminds me a lot of little bars in Mexico and of course, the decor enhances that fantasy.

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Where: 901 Rue Sherbrooke

This Thai restaurant is as close as it gets to a vacation to Phuket.

Pamika is known for its flavourful meals, tropical drinks, and comfortable ambience, all of which were inspired by the lifestyle in Thailand.


Which restaurant are you going to vacation to next?

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