Habs Fans Caught Eating Gallon Of Mayo With A Spoon Have Twitter Barfing

Call them the Montreal Mayonadiens.
Montreal Canadiens Fans Eat Mayo Right Out Of Tub

If you're a Habs fan who took in the recent game against the Dallas Stars this weekend on November 2, you may have caught a glimpse of a very frightening sight... two Montreal Canadiens fans eating mayo with a spoon from a huge gallon tub.

And it got worse... While the couple seemed like a normal pair of Habs fans, they quickly became anything but normal when the girl dipped into the mayo, not with a french fry like her boyfriend, but with a spoon.

She then ate the spoonful of mayo, as if it truly would help the 4-1 loss go down like a spoonful of sugar to help medicine go down.

Twitter quickly came to life, with Montrealers and Americans alike chiming in on the seemingly disgusting act. 

But... how did they get that massive tub of mayo into the American Airlines Center in Dallas? And why did they have SO much merch on?

Well, it didn't take long for people to get wise to the Dallas Stars' little prank, but it wasn't before Twitter had the chance to provide some absolutely hilarious reactions, along with a still-unsettled question...

Do Montrealers really love mayo that much?

The tweet was first shared on the Dallas Stars' Twitter page and then reshared by several prominent sports Twitter pages, like the tweet below shared by Roy Wood Jr.

The immediate reactions were absolutely hilarious and... relatable.

As someone who enjoys mayo with my fries (I'm from Ontario but dating a Russian so... that's my excuse), even I was completely disgusted and appalled at the sight of this chick mowing down a whole mouthful of mayo.

Then people really started to question the validity of this video, namely how on earth they managed to get that huge tub of mayo past security.

Like, were we supposed to believe that they purchased that huge tub from the concession stand?

Then it became clear that the whole thing was a gag set up by the Dallas Stars to throw a little shade at real Habs fans and get a reaction.

According to Sporting News, the whole thing was set up by Dallas Stars staff, which explains where the tub of mayo came from and their ability to circumvent security.

Still, the video inevitably sparked a real conversation around Canadian eating habits and where our love of mayo fell on the spectrum of not-at-all to full-on-Russian.

A lot of Canadians were quick to chime in that... this is not a thing in Canada... 

Or at least, not most of Canada, though some people were still convinced that people in Quebec were hardcore mayo-lovers.

Some people claim that, due to Quebec's European nature, the mayo is a natural choice for fries here in La Belle Province... when there's no poutine available, of course.

Though others said that perhaps a more Canadian choice may have been chips au ketchup or bloody Caesars... although, I'd have to say, that is really more of a Canada-wide thing than a just-Quebec thing.

Though the debate in our own office definitely skewed to the side of, "No one in Quebec actually eats their fries with mayo," to which I had to admit... I do. 

Plus, restos like Frites Alors! definitely push the mayo-fry agenda in Montreal and Quebec, so, I can't be that disgusting!

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Most people's reaction was simply their favourite almost-barf reaction GIF...

Which made me realize that Jim Carrey may be the king of the almost-barf.

Another Canadian treasure.

Even Miracle Whip had to jump into the conversation when people started saying, "At least it wasn't Miracle Whip!"

And perhaps the best response to the whole thing was this offer to set up our own gag for when Dallas is in Montreal for their next face-off in February.

Which is perfect, because now we have plenty of time to plan something truly disgusting and hilarious...

What do you think? If we were to pull a similar gag on Dallas, what should their "fans" be eating?

Let us know on Twitter @MTLBlog.

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