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10 Spots To "Casually" Bump Into Montreal Canadiens Players In The City

Here's where you can find your favourite players!
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10 Spots To "Casually" Bump Into Montreal Canadiens Players In The City
  • Ever wondered where you could "accidentally" spot a Montreal Canadiens player in the city? Well, MTL Blog has got you covered!
  • From brunch spots to night clubs, these men are all over Montreal.
  • Read below to find out the 10 places Habs players frequent most.

Hockey is like a religion in Montreal. As the oldest and winningest team in the NHL, Montreal Canadiens players are revered in the city they call home and often become well-respected local celebrities. 

Despite their esteemed status in Montreal, Habs players are just like us in that many of them like to go out on the town, enjoying everything this city has to offer. On a day off, it's likely you might see one or two players enjoying brunch at a local establishment or run into a player and his family during a shopping spree. Wherever they're spotted, fans (politely) flock to them to request a selfie or to thank them for an excellent season. 

If you really love the Habs, you might feel a little short of breath approaching your favourite player in the café line but as long as you're nice and respectful, it's likely the player won't mind your words of encouragement! 

Here are 10 spots in Montreal where you might spot a Habs player! We've sourced our information from personal experiences, social media posts, and word-of-mouth.

Kampai Garden

Where: 1616 Saint-Catherine O.

Here, you can see Habs winger Tomáš Tatar and his wife enjoying a night out at Kampai Garden! While you might not spot any Habs partying it up during the season, you're sure to see a few out on the town during the off-season!

Queue De Cheval

Where: 1181 Rue de la Montagne

Tomáš Tatar certainly gets around, doesn't he? Here he is with friends at Montreal's famous Queue de Cheval steakhouse. Former and current players and even Habs administration have been spotted at this steakhouse.

Arthur's Nosh Bar

Where: 4621 Notre-Dame O.

A popular brunch spot for both regular folks and celebrities alike, Arthur's Nosh Bar is one of the go-to spots for players and their families to get brunch on a day off.


Where: Various locations around Montreal

Many have spotted players like Victor Mete enjoying a burger at Notre-Boeuf. Again, you might not see a player there during the season considering most have a strict diet, but that doesn't seem to apply to Nate Thompson, who's promoting an all-new burger!


Where: 191 Saint-Paul O.

People have spotted Habs players at Santos for the past few years, especially the younger ones. Santos is a great spot to enjoy a delicious dinner and to let your hair down when it gets late.

Holt Renfrew/Ogilvy

Where: 1307 Saint-Catherine O. / 1300 Sherbrooke O.

Many current and former Habs players, spouses, coaches, hell, everyone has been spotted at Montreal's go-to luxe retail destination: Holt Renfrew. At any time of the year, you can spot many a Habs player, like P.K. Subban here, shopping for themselves or their wives/girlfriends.


Where: 5025 Ave Papineau

Though you might have to book a tailoring appointment, it's a right of passage for many Habs players young and old to go to Sartorialto and get a custom suit. Sartorialto has outfitted everyone from hockey players, like our man Carey Price here, to Oscar nominees.

Mount Royal Observatory

Where: Hike uphill and you'll figure it out

Whatever the season, you might be able to spot a Habs player or two enjoying the view on Mount Royal. For new Habs players, this is like stop #1 on their city tour.

Walking Around The Old Port

Where: You know

Stop #2 on any new Habs player's Montreal tour is the Old Port. If you can spot them in the crowd, you're sure to find a few of our boys hanging out around the Old Port, like Jesperi Kotkaniemi here.

Canadiens Practice Facility In Brossard 

Where: 8000 Boul. Leduc #104

If there's one guaranteed spot to find a Habs player on this list, it's the team's Brossard practice facility. While you shouldn't be bothering the players when they're focused on practice, the team invites fans to come to watch the practice unfold. Afterwards, you might manage to get a selfie or an autograph.

Go Habs Go!

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