Montreal Couple Struck By A Block Of Ice That Fell 15 Storeys From A Downtown Building

The woman received treatment for a possible concussion.
Montreal Couple Struck By A Block Of Ice That Fell 15 Storeys From A Downtown Building

The ice in Montreal has been a nightmare for everyone this winter. Due to freezing rain systems across the city over the last month, followed by a drop in temperatures, basically every surface is covered in ice right now. Not only are we all constantly afraid of slipping and injuring ourselves, but we also need to be aware of falling ice. This includes both sharp icicles as well as blocks of ice that fall from buildings as temperatures warm.

You might not think it's likely that a chunk of ice will come flying down from buildings onto busy city streets, but you might want to reconsider. Just last week while a couple was in their car on their way to work, a giant block of ice fell 15 storeys from a building under construction in Montreal and came crashing through their closed sunroof. The woman in the passenger seat was struck by ice, shards of glass, and other debris.

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TL;DR A Montreal woman who received treatment last week for a possible concussion and tetanus, due to a chunk of ice that fell 15 storeys and struck her, is now considering legal action. The couple whose car sunroof was broken by the ice before collapsing on the woman says the incident was the result of negligence. More details below.

After the woman's boyfriend noticed her head was bleeding, she was immediately rushed to hospital by ambulance. A week after being treated for a possible concussion and given a tetanus shot, the woman says she is still in shock over the incident, according to the CBC.

The building from which the block of ice fell, near the intersection of Bleury Street and Viger Street in Griffintown, had a support net installed to prevent the very incident that took place, but it's suspected that the ice bounced off of the net. The building, which was under maintenance at the time, has received a notice from city police that more intensive measures must be put in place to ensure safety.

The 1.27kg chunk of ice now sits in a freezer belonging to the woman whom it struck. Although as of now no charges have been laid, the couple has begun considering legal action due to their belief that the incident was the result of negligence. They say the street should have been blocked off, according to the CBC.

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The couple confirms that there was no indication that the road was closed during the time of the incident. In fact, there were other cars (including parked cars) on the street at the time.

Due to the strong winds taking over the city over the last few weeks, there is concern that this is only the beginning of dangerous incidents that could occur across Montreal. Almost a week after the accident, the woman says she is still not feeling back to her normal self.

Needless to say, you might want to be a little more cautious for the rest of the season.


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