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Montreal Couple Wins $1,000,000 Prize After Finding Loto-Quebec Ticket Hidden In An Old Book

You won't believe what they're going to spend their new riches on.
Montreal Couple Wins $1,000,000 Prize After Finding Loto-Quebec Ticket Hidden In An Old Book

A Montreal couple has literally become the stuff of dreams, after finding an old Loto-Quebec ticket that they had tucked away in a book. 

According toCJAD, the couple has their grandson to thank for their newfound riches, after he opened the book and the ticket fell out. 

Even more miraculous - the ticket was the winner on April 5, 2018, meaning the cut off to claim the prize would have been tomorrow.

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TL;DR A couple discovered a forgotten lottery ticket hidden in a book last week, making them a million dollars richer. Wait till you see what they plan to spend their riches on.

CJAD reports that the couplefound the ticket last week when their grandson came over and wanted to borrow some books to finish his homework. When he pulled out a book on Japan, the ticket fell out, reminding the couple of their purchase.

The couple bought the ticket on Valentine's Day last year, and it seems that they will continue to share the love with their winnings.

The Montreal pair plan to "spoil their five boys" and all of their grandchildren - and I'm sure that one grandson who is to thank will likely get a special something.

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As for Nicole Pedneault and Roger Larocque themselves?

Their plan is simple and so, so adorable: they plan to go to a "small restaurant" and "spoil" themselves by ordering a poutine... "with double sauce and double cheese!"

Does it get any more Montreal than that?!

If this doesn't remind you to check your old Lotto tickets, I don't know what will. Last month we reported on several other Lotto tickets that have gone unclaimed.

The tickets mentioned in this article were unclaimed as of March 18th, 2019. Remember, you only have one year from the draw date to claim your winnings!

You can check Loto-Quebec's full list of unclaimed prizes here.


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