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Montreal Dépanneur Clerk Burned By Molotov Cocktail In Violent Robbery

The robber also slashed the clerk's hand with a knife.
Montreal Dépanneur Clerk Burned By Molotov Cocktail In Violent Robbery

Late Tuesday night, a Montreal depanneur clerk was violently robbed at his store in LaSalle. According to SPVM spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant, a man entered the store with the intention of robbing the depanneur and then threw a firebomb on the ground, likely due to the clerk's unwillingness to cooperate.

In addition to the firebomb, the man was also armed with a sharp object, which he managed to cut the clerk with on his hand after throwing the firebomb.

The robber, who police describe from surveillance footage as a thin, Black man about 5'7" in height, managed to get away with cash from the register and then apparently fled on foot.

Police do not currently know the suspect but they are actively reviewing surveillance footage of the store, in hopes of identifying a suspect and better understanding of what occurred.

The dep clerk is a 65-year-old man who is now in hospital being treated for burns and the cut to his hand. Police will speak with him again, as well, in hopes of getting more information about the violent suspect.

According to the SPVM, the robber entered the store in LaSalle a little after 11 p.m. There was minor damage inside and the case has since been transferred to the Montreal Arson Squad.

It is unclear if there was an altercation that caused the incident to escalate or if the man who entered the store did so with the sole intention of theft and the firebomb and knife were simply weapons to aid in the robbery.

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Depanneur Alice sits on the corner of rue Thierry and rue Lefebvre right near the heart of LaSalle. It is uncertain at this time how much money the suspect managed to get away with.

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In speaking with the SPVM, we now know that the man is expected to make a full recovery. We now know that the sharp object was, in fact, a knife and that the "firebomb" could be described as a molotov cocktail.

The police are hoping that once the clerk is released from the hospital, they will be able to speak with him more about the incident and garner some new information. Primarly, if the clerk was familiar with the robber or if he had ever seen him in the area or in the store before.

We will update this space with any new information we gather.

For now, it seems CTV's Cosmo Santamaria, who shot the video seen in the tweet above, was right.

Nothing good happens after midnight... or just before it, either.

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