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Montreal Driver Caught Driving Car Right Through A Bike Path

An infuriating video shows a car on the bike path near the Lachine Canal in Montreal. The video, sent to MTLBlog, was taken in Cote Saint Paul.

The reason that the car is on the bike path is unclear: it does not appear to be a maintenance or emergency vehicle that might otherwise take the bike path in exceptional circumstances.

The most unbelievable part is that this is not a one-off incident. Motorists have been caught using the bike lane in the past in this city.

In the video, which you can see below, a car can be seen driving on the bike lane adjoining St. Patrick Street in Côte St Paul, right across the canal from Terrasse St-Ambroise.

The video was taken at approximately 7:30 this morning.

The person who submitted the video said that they took the video on their way to work, saying "I'm only assuming that she got on the bike path near Monk street, where they have a pedestrian bridge that used to allow vehicles which leads to the bike path."

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In the video, you can see a few confused-looking cyclists, and one poor, unsuspecting jogger who has yet to notice that a car is driving towards her.

One can hope that the driver was only confused. He was obviously cycling through his options on which road to take, and accidentally hopped on the bike path.

[rebelmouse-image 26890505 photo_credit="Nico Calu" expand=1 original_size="515x900"] Nico Calu

Or maybe the bike path simply had fewer potholes than the regular road? Who cares about bowling over a couple of cyclists on their way to work, huh

This video might also be an ode to the terrible Montreal signage. Detours, one-ways and construction roads abound, making it a pretty difficult time for people on the road right about now.

Chances are it was just a poor non-French speaking tourist who got confused on their way to Osheaga. In any case, if that driver was stopped, they probably paid a very hefty fine.

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