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Montreal Duo Chromeo Released 'Quarantunes' & They're The Unofficial Anthems Of The Crisis

Montreal's funk lords are back with four groovy songs!
Montreal Duo Chromeo Is Making 'Quaran-tunes' & They're The Unofficial Anthems Of The Crisis

Renowned funk band Chromeo is trying to make the best out of confinement and are inviting you to join their party. Taking inspiration from the current Montreal health crisis, Chromeo's "quaran-tunes" are guaranteed to have you dancing away your stress. Songs like "Clorox Wipe," "Stay In Bed," and "6 Feet Away" will definitely bring a smile to your face. 

Since the beginning of April, Chromeo's weekly jams have brightened everyone's day. Whether or not they'll release these songs on an album remains to be seen but fans are begging for more. 

Way back in 2002, Chromeo's Dave 1 (David Macklovitch) and P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel) were just a couple of Outremont kids trying to start a band. 

In 2007, their breakout album Fancy Footwork gained traction with popular DJs and since then, Chromeo hasn't looked back, headlining festivals and releasing a total of five albums. 

Much to the joy of their fans, the duo has been keeping very busy during this time.

With (almost) weekly DJ streams and constant updates to their Spotify playlist, Chromeo is single-handedly keeping the party going. 

The most recent track "The 'Roni's Got Me Stressed Out" has gained over 100,000 views on their Instagram page and counting.

Chromeo dedicates these songs to everyone going through tough times during the health crisis, especially frontline health care workers. 

Make sure to follow Chromeo on all their social media channels so you don't miss the next "quaran-tune."

Clorox Wipe 

Chromeo's first quarantine jam is a fun-loving, tongue-in-cheek love song about wanting to "wipe someone down" like a Clorox wipe.

"I'm not trying to be your man, just your disinfectant," riffs Dave 1 in the second verse. The song is capped off by a funky guitar solo.

6 Feet Away 

"6 Feet Away" goes out to "all the lovers that go the distance" during this time of crisis.

"That's how I show you I care," sings Dave 1. So next time you're thinking of hanging with friends or lovers, keep this tune in mind.

Stay In Bed 

"Stay in Bed" is Chromeo's third quarantine jam and it has a distinctly West Coast flavour. Snoop Dogg fans will get a kick out of this one.

In this song, Chromeo riffs about how all the pressure to be productive during quarantine are stressing them out and that's it's ok to stay in bed and "do what you wanna do."

"Remember there’s nothing wrong with putzing in bed all day!" wrote Dave 1.

The 'Roni's Got Me Stressed Out 

The fourth (and so far) final quarantine jam is perhaps one of the most relatable.

Titled "The 'Roni's Got Me Stressed Out," the song highlights the need to take care of your mental health even talks about how useless it was to buy a 2020 planner.

If anything, Chromeo's quarantine jams will make you forget about your stresses for a few minutes and really, that's what's most important.

Stay safe out there and when you're feeling a little stressed out, turn on some Chromeo and dance away those blues.

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