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Montreal Commuter Trains & Buses Are Reducing Frequency Due To COVID-19

Bus services will be reduced starting next week.
Montreal Exo Commuter Trains & Buses Are Reducing Frequency Due To COVID-19
  • Commuters who use Montreal's exo train lines are going to see reduced frequency starting Monday in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.
  • Bus lines will also be reduced starting next week.
  • To see which trains are cancelled, take a look at the official tweets here.

Some commuters may notice a reduction of service on Montreal's exo train lines starting Monday, as the transit company has announced several measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 to travellers and employees on its network. Changes to the bus service will come next week, on Monday, March 30. These service reductions coincide with new social distancing rules in Montreal, which include the possibility of a $1,000 fine if you fail to comply with the current ban on assembly, which now limits gatherings more than 2 people.

Buses and taxibus services dedicated to CÉGEPs have also been suspended, along with the valet service at Saint-Lambert station.

Paratransit services remain to ensure the continuation of "essential trips for daily life, including trips to the grocery store and pharmacy."

The only exception to these service reductions is the Mascouche line, though the exo5 line has cancelled one train.

Other lines are seeing the cancellation of two or three trains either coming to or leaving Montreal, or both.

All the more reason to push for working from home as Montreal and Quebec as a whole seem to be going into a stronger, more stringent isolation this week.

Exo notified passengers on Sunday that changes and the reduction of service would begin Monday, March 23.

The tweet below reads: "Please note that some changes have been made this Sunday to the reduced line timetables [of the exo4 Candiac and exo6 Deux-Montagnes lines] valid from Monday, March 23."

Each exo line does have its own Twitter page where you can follow and keep up to date with the situation.

As you can see above, each tweet notes which train has been cancelled (annulé) along with the cancelled train's regular departure time.

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Each tweet also provides a link to the train line's schedule where you can see the daily schedule both to and from Montreal.

The exo bus lines will also see a reduction, but not until the beginning of next week.

The STM also took the time Monday morning to update passengers on what it's doing to limit the spread of COVID-19 within its public transit network.

In addition to asking Montrealers to stay out of the public transit network if they feel sick or have symptoms, they are also upping their cleaning measures.

There is no indication that STM services will be reduced at this time.

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