Montrealer Grocery Shopping In Full Latex Fetish Gear Is Peak Quarantine Mood (Video)

An AI from the future paid a visit to Maxi.
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Montrealer Grocery Shopping In Full Latex Fetish Gear Is Peak Quarantine Mood (Video)

Face masks may be discouraged, but no one said anything about rubber fetish gear. In a now-viral video, one Montrealer takes quarantine fashion to a new level. Donning head-to-toe black latex, the Elusive Rubber Creature casually enters a Montreal grocery store to do some shopping.

She wanders between aisles of Maxi in LaSalle, remarking at empty shelves and posing for photos for enthusiastic fellow shoppers before lining up to check out.

The Instagram video is captioned with "a message from the Elusive Rubber Creature for 21st-century earthlings.

"These are trying times that your society is going through. It is time to come together and start looking for the things that truly matter: family, friends, connection, social responsibility and accountability.

"Also keep in mind toilet paper is NOT one of these things. Please stop hoarding stuff."

Vicky Devika, the artist, model, and DJ behind the Elusive Rubber Creature tells MTL Blog that she "knew the video would be well received and generate quite a bit of attention, but [she] wasn't expecting it to go crazy viral like this."

On Facebook, the video has received almost a thousand shares and reactions.

But this isn't the first time the Rubber Creature made a daytime appearance.

"I started doing these 'latex in public' videos about a year ago actually. It all started with an art project for a friend who was doing a photo class at Dawson. She needed a latex model for a shoot in a restaurant."

"I was just getting started with my own career as a fetish model then. One of the photos from that set actually went around Reddit and was used as a meme a few months ago, so it's not the first time my stuff goes 'viral,' although nothing quite like what's happening now."

"So after the first restaurant shoot, I was inspired to do more. I shot in the metro, at Tim Hortons, Jazz Festival, and on the Mountain to name a few."

The public, she says, has been largely receptive.

In the grocery store video, it's clear patrons welcome the Rubber Creature's playful disruption of the anxiety-inducing social distancing routine.

"I wanted to try and break the stigma around latex and fetishism. And frankly, it's just loads of fun."

What started as a joke eventually became a fully realized character.

"Over the months I started building a story and the fans started responding to it, commenting and engaging with the narrative. So the name stuck."

"Turns out the Elusive Rubber Creature is an AI from the future, visiting 21st-century earth to experience love, culture, and fruits."

"She's actually on a mission to save humanity from a dystopian future, but that's a secret." 

"It's a silly story that taps into my passions for sci-fi, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism, and I've essentially created and embodied my own superhero character." 

As the COVID-19 crisis escalated, Devika and her partner knew they "wanted to make something that would make people laugh, smile, and brighten their day during these difficult times."

If the delighted faces of customers at the LaSalle Maxi are any indication, the Elusive Rubber Creature is one step closer to rescuing humanity from its dystopian state.

In addition to brightening dark days with the Elusive Rubber Creature, Devika will perform as a DJ for upcoming online quarantine parties.

Stay tuned to her Instagram and Facebook pages for forthcoming details

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