Montreal Hairdresser Maggie Semaan Is Reminding Everyone Not To Cut Their Own Hair

And she's offering free hairstyling tutorials!
Montreal Hairdresser Maggie Semaan Is Reminding Everyone Not To Cut Their Own Hair

Many Montreal locals have taken to social media to provide their followers with courses in their field. Trainers and yoga instructors of the city have been doing free virtual classes, while home-cooks have been helping us out with our needs in the kitchen. And now, Montreal hairdresser Maggie Semaan is offering hairstyling tutorials to get us looking our best right now.

Maggie Semaan is an International Hair Artist from Montreal who's the owner of the Haus Of Rtists salon in Laval.

Semaan has now taken her talents to Instagram and has been providing her large following with hair tutorials in order to "help her followers and clients during this pandemic," as she stated to MTL Blog.

Semaan wants to provide fun and entertaining ways of staying busy as well as providing hair tricks that people can "incorporate in their everyday lifestyle."

Not only are her tricks helpful but it allows her followers to try something new during their time spent at home. 

Maggie is very well known only in the hair world, but her large social media following has made her one of the most popular hairdressers and personalities in the city.

Even though we aren't going anywhere right now, Semaan believes that "the way you look reflects on how you feel, therefore feeling good will give you more positivity to be happy and productive." 

Some of the tutorials she has given have been on high ponytails, beach waves, and even a unique and cheeky up-do to change things up.

All of the tutorials are saved in her Instagram highlights, so you can go back and take a look at them anytime you want.

It seems as though right now, many people have been taking the job of cutting and colouring their hair into their own hands.

We wanted to get a professional's opinion on the matter, so we asked Maggie what advice she has for anyone with the urge to chop their own hair right now.

"You might feel the 'thrill of the moment' thinking you have this under control, but you will soon realize, when salons are back in action, that you will end up spending more time, money and maybe tears, to fix it!"

Semaan recommends that you all wait patiently until salons open up again to do any drastic changes to your hair. 

Although like the rest of us, Maggie doesn't know exactly when salons in Montreal will be opening up again, she's optimistic that she'll be hopefully back in business at the end of May.

"As for us, we are ready and equipped to follow all the health and safety measures and are excited to be back in business." 

If you're looking to make a future appointment with Maggie or one of the many talented hairdressers working at her salon, you can do so through the online booking service on Haus Of Rtists' website

Until then, Maggie Semaan is giving you tutorials that'll not only help you look your best but feel amazing also — so make sure to take advantage.

You may learn a thing or two!

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