Ex-Mayor Denis Coderre Throws Shade At Mayor Valérie Plante For Postponing Halloween

Some people aren't very impressed with his behaviour...
Montreal Halloween Postponed: Ex-Mayor Denis Coderre Is Throwing Shade At Valérie Plante

There is no question that some Montrealers were a little unimpressed that Mayor Valérie Plante decided to follow suit of several other regions in Quebec and suggest to trick-or-treaters & their families that we postpone Halloween in Montreal (or at least the outdoor adventuring) until tomorrow night.

It seems bizarre, sure, but now that Environment Canada has issued a Rainfall & Wind warning for the Metro Montreal area, as well as issuing a Snowfall warning for several areas outside of Montreal... It's all starting to sound like a very sensible decision on Plante's part.

For one, the entirety of Halloween festivities happen outside. Trick or treating is essentially just one big walk. So, kids and their parents are bound to be soaked to the bone in no time, and it's not summer out there. It's going to be cold.

Add to that the reduced visibility during a rainy night and we've got some seriously increased danger for pedestrians. 

Then, factor in the potentially-80 kilometre winds that Environment Canada is warning about and... well, Halloween on November 1st is starting to sound really great right about now.

Unless you're Denis Coderre.

Mayor Valérie Plante posted this tweet yesterday, encouraging families to consider going out for their trick-or-treating on Friday, November 1st, instead of tonight.

Translation: Weather advisory: I invite Montrealers to postpone #Halloween day to Friday because of the rain and strong winds announced tomorrow. Our services will be at the ready, and be careful as usual. Happy trick-or-treating! #polmtl

At the time of this tweet, several other towns had already made this suggestion to their civilians as more information about the incoming storm was made available.

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Then, this morning, Denis Coderre took to Twitter to share his thoughts on this decision to postpone the outdoor festivities due to the weather.

Translation: It seems that Christmas will be postponed this year because the People's Almanac is announcing a snowstorm on December 25th... 🙄

Translation: Montreal's reaction to why they postponed Halloween by following several municipalities who made the decision before the metropolis...

Not only did Coderre find fault in the decision to postpone the city-wide event, but he also made a point of noting that Montreal made their decision after some of the other regions nearby. 

While, of course, there were some people who agreed with Coderre, that kids are too soft these days and that "back in their day they'd go trick-or-treating in the snow."

But many people were... less than impressed with the ex-mayor's tweets.

Translation: Take the time to think a little bit, please. It's not the rain that is the problem. Let's say there are winds of 70-90km/hr tonight, would you go out for a walk? No, so why risk that children get hurt?

Translation: Do you think it's a good idea to get the kids out in the flood? Seriously, have your morning coffee and try to think. It's because someone had the idea before you that it's a bad idea.

Translation: Thank you for thinking so little of children with reduced mobility. When you're in a wheelchair, a walker, or walking with orthotics, Spina Bifida, or cerebral palsy, such a temperature may mean cancelling that event for them. 

Other people mentioned, as well, that comparing Christmas to Halloween is like comparing apples and oranges. 

On Christmas, pretty much everyone hangs out inside with their family opening presents and eating crap in their PJs. The entire city doesn't go out for a nighttime stroll, children and all, in outfits they've been planning for weeks.

So, while some saw the sassy humour in Coderre's little jabs at Plante, others were a little less impressed with him throwing shade.

The tweets above say "I found you were better without these little jokes," and, "I like you Denis, but you weren't thinking there."

And others couldn't help but wonder why the ex-mayor felt the need to throw in his two cents on the matter.

Still jealous Denis?

"Hello, My name is Denis and I have still not accepted that I lost to a girl..."

But perhaps the best possible response, the only response, was this last one, which asked the ex-mayor...

So, are we going to see you walking outside tonight?

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