Montreal Has Finally Figured Out Which STM Bus Seat Is The Best

Something we can all agree on.
Montreal Has Finally Figured Out Which STM Bus Seat Is The Best

Talk to any Montreal commuter that regularly takes the bus and you'll find that they have pretty strong opinions about this underrated mode of transit. Most bus riders, for example, have developed an eye for the ideal bus seat through a careful process of trial and error. While some seats will keep you cozy for the entire ride, others are simply miserable.

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TL;DR Montreal Reddit users have finally found out what seats are the best when riding an STM bus. Below is a compilation of the most popular answers.

But in case you happen to board a bus and are faced with rows of empy seats, unsure of which is the absolute best to take, you can thank Montreal Redditors that have just solved the question.

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Reddit usergoose_steps asked the people of Montreal which seat on the bus was their favourite, and the answers are pretty informative. 

Most of the commenters agree that the best seats are at the back corners on either the left or right side. This is for a few reasons: the bus is much warmer in the winter at the back, most of the commuter traffic is at the front of the bus, and it's a perfect seat for those of us who are socially awkward and would rather not constantly make eye contact with someone sitting across from you.

Other popular answers include the seat on the left-side on the step up in the back of the bus, meaning the second doors open to your right, offering a smooth exit when you need to get off at your stop.

Some prefer the last seat on the right-hand side when alone, and the L-shaped seats at the back of the bus when with friends.


Many people also agree that any opportunity to grab one of the single seats should be taken. 

There are many different opinions on which seat is the ultimate "best" but we can all agree there are a few golden spots on the bus that you'd never pass up. So, next time you board a bus and need to make a decision on where to sit for the duration of your commute, you now have quite a few options.

What's your favourite seat on an STM bus? Let us know!


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