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Montreal Has Yet Another E-Scooter Service & It Has Unleashed 100 Scooters On The Streets

Another electric scooter option has arrived!
Montreal Has Yet Another E-Scooter Service & It Has Unleashed 100 Scooters On The Streets
  • Another e-scooter option has come to roost in Montreal, this time with scooter company 'Bird.'
  • Bird functions in over 100 cities worldwide, including Calgary, Alberta.
  • Montreal is the company's newest city, with hundreds of scooters available right now to rent.

If you're looking for yet another motorized way to get around Montreal, another option has officially swooped into the city: Bird.

You may have already seen them parked around the city, looking sleek and black in comparison to their Lime counterparts.

Bird works much like any other shared transport - once you have the app you're ready to go. Just locate a scooter near you on the map and tap the button to unlock it.

Like other fast-moving electric-motor transportation options in Montreal, you'll need a helmet to ride one unless you're looking to get yourself a fine.

Bird scooters cost $1.15 to start and cost $0.35 a minute to ride, which is 5 cents more than the per-minute cost of a Lime scooter.

Bird scooters are also locked into a Ride Zone that, for now, is limited to downtown Montreal and Westmount, meaning that if you attempt to take your ride up into the Plateau or down into Saint-Henri, the scooter will likely roll to a stop and won't continue until you re-enter the Ride Zone.

Take a look at screenshots of the app below, that show what a huge flock of Bird scooters are now available in Montreal.  

Below is a map of the Ride Zone that spans downtown Montreal and the borough of Westmount.

You can see you'll be able to fly your Bird into the Old Port, but not into neighbourhoods like Saint-Henri or NDG.

[rebelmouse-image 26889479 photo_credit="@lvbs" expand=1 original_size="1080x1920"] @lvbs

Bird currently functions in over 100 cities worldwide, including cities in the States, Europe and the Middle East.

In some cities, you can even rent a Bird for a month, letting you access unlimited rides for one monthly fee. This is not an option in Montreal, yet, but could be if Bird and other e-scooters do become a permanent fixture in the city.

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Bird e-scooter rules in Montreal are as follows:

  • You must be 18 years old or have a moped license to ride
  • You must wear a helmet
  • Follow rules that are applicable to cyclists, and use bike lanes whenever possible
  • Only ride on roads with a posted speed limit of 50km/h or less
  • Do not ride on sidewalks
  • Stay within city limits of Montreal and Westmount

You are also not allowed to carry a passenger, hold only cars or other moving vehicles, push or pull people or things.

Birds scooters are also required to be parked standing, perpendicular to sidewalks in designated parking areas.

We reached out to Bird to get a statement about their recent launch in Montreal but have yet to get a reply.

For now, just know you're able to go ahead and ride a Bird scooter around the city effective immediately, all you need to do is download the app. (And don't forget your helmet,)

Cause, I mean... if it's good enough for Celine...

Full details on Bird's website here.

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