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A Horror Movie Festival Is Coming To Montreal This Fall & The Audience Is Allowed To Drink

"Do you like scary movies?"
A Horror Movie Festival Is Coming To Montreal This Fall & The Audience Is Allowed To Drink

The weather is finally cooling off and any day now we will wake up and realize it's fall. And with the start of fall comes Halloween and all things spooky; corn mazes open up at night, Montreal streets are shut down for two-day creepy circuses, and the biggest horror movie film festival comes to town.

Get ready for the 19th edition of the SPASM horror film festival showcasing all that is terrifying, bizarre, gruesome, absurd, and will leave you with one important question, "What the hell did I just watch?"

The annual short film fest is a nod to the unconventional featuring not only Quebec and French creators, but artists worldwide. For one week in October, you can catch the most disturbing horror films and celebrate the unusual and disturbing from a range of participants. 

Films are screened at cabarets around Montreal, allowing you to get comfortable at a table, wine in hand, before watching the freak show that unfolds before you. This is not your average movie experience but tends to be more social with avid fans of the unconventional. 

This year’s SPASM film festival runs from October 17 – 26 at locations throughout Montreal. So if you love being scared, and slightly unnerved this is the place to do it.

Submissions for the 2019 festival were officially closed August 5. According to the website, to enter their work, filmmakers must follow the strict requirement: "Any movie that is strange or unusual, that hits you like a rock, that can make you cry or laugh, have a movie that inspires or makes you shit your pants!"

While we're still waiting for this year's horror-fest line-up, check out the trailer for last year's event. Goosebumps

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SPASM accepts films spanning multiple genres other than horror; science-fiction, fantasy, comedy or even fake trailers. As long as it's weird (and meets their high standards) they will show it.

If you absolutely can't wait to get your adrenaline rush, SPASM also has films screening throughout the year in various locations around Quebec. Keep an eye on their homepage to see if there are shows near you.

SPASM is sure to fulfill all of your horror movie nightmares. 

SPASM 2019 Film Festival

WHEN: October 17 – 26

WHERE: Cabarets around Montreal

COST: Tickets aren't available yet


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