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Dr. Drouin Says Montreal Is Already Reaching Its Outbreak Peak & Cases Are Set To Decrease

"It's good news."
Dr. Drouin Says Montreal Is Already Reaching Its Outbreak Peak & Cases Are Set To Decrease

On Tuesday, public health officials released their scenarios for the outbreak in Quebec, including a projected number of deaths and the date of the expected peak of the outbreak, April 18. In Montreal, however, the situation is advancing more quickly, Regional Public Health Director Dr. Mylène Drouin said at a press conference Wednesday. "We consider that today, tomorrow, after tomorrow we will be at the summit of the number of cases."

After that point, we could see the number of cases decrease day by day, she said.

"We must absolutely maintain our distancing measures in the next few days and through the end of April," she advised.

"But it's good news."

She also noted a "certain stability" in the number of people in intensive care and a slight increase in the number of hospitalizations.

As of April 8, Montreal counts 4,775 of Quebec's 10,031 total cases.

The two scenarios presented by the provincial government Tuesday project between 29,212 and 59,845 cumulative confirmed cases in the province by April 20.

The presentation, along with Dr. Drouin's words Wednesday, are Quebec residents' first glimpse at the beginning of a long process of returning to normal life.

"Yes, social life and economic life must resume, and we must do it gradually," said Dr. Massé, Quebec public health advisor.

At his daily press briefing, Legault further suggested that residents must maintain a two-meter distance from other individuals even after the expected reopening of non-essential businesses on May 4.

"Obviously, when we reopen businesses, it will be very important to focus first on businesses where we are really able, and then I appeal to the responsibility of managers and owners [to ensure] that employees are able at all times to be within two metres of their colleagues and two metres, if that is the case, of customers," he said Wednesday.

"That will be a very important criterion."

Stay tuned for more news.

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