Montreal Is Filling Tens Of Thousands Of Potholes Before 2020 & It's A Christmas Miracle

Because we all know everyone's favourite season is pothole season.
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Montreal Is Filling Tens Of Thousands Of Potholes Before 2020 & It's A Christmas Miracle
  • The City of Montreal has announced a plan to fill tens of thousands of potholes before the end of 2019.
  • Consider it a holiday gift to city residents.
  • Whether the city can actually pull it off is another matter.

William Shakespeare wrote, "now is the winter of our discontent" in his play Richard III and it wasn't actually a metaphor for how the king felt about himself. In fact, Shakespeare had just visited Montreal and his wagon hit a massive pothole. Would it really surprise anyone if that was actually true?

Though Shakespeare has never been to Montreal, he'd likely write a tragicomedy about our potholes. Arguably more known that poutine, Montreal's potholes are the stuff of legend. Many a hubcap and wheelbase have fallen victim to our infamously cratered streets.

It seems that every year, the city attempts to make things better by promising to fill up x-amount of potholes by a certain time, often to disappointing results. And this year's promise is a doozy! 

The City of Montreal has vowed to fill some 25,000 potholes across all 19 boroughs by Christmas. Many of these potholes have been around since the previous spring thaw and have been wreaking havoc on drivers ever since. According to a press release, Montreal road crews patch upwards of 200,000 potholes a year. 

The city hopes that those pesky potholes that sometimes get people horny on a bus will be dealt with come Christmas. If history is any indication, however, that'll be easier said than done.

If you're thinking "shouldn't they have done this months ago?" you're obviously not qualified to work for the city. According to city officials, pothole filling machines will only be effective when the roads are dry and when it's not too cold out. 

Hmm. Take a look outside the closest window and let me if that'll be possible anytime soon.

Roadwork will take place day and night across the 19 boroughs. 16 pothole filling machines will be driving around doing the best they can under unpredictable November weather conditions. 

If you're an avid MTL Blog reader, you know that we have a love-hate relationship with Montreal's road hazards. From providing you with a list of the most pothole-filled streets and even hosting our very own pothole beauty pageant, they are a gift that keeps on giving. 

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If you're thinking of helping out with the pothole filling effort, don't. The city will fine you up to $2,000 if dare to place even one grain of sand in a pothole. 

Last year, the city fixed some 180,000 potholes. Because of a rough winter, it's expected that this pothole season will be worse than ever before. 

The city asks anyone who sees potholes in their neighbourhood to dial 311 or to report it on the city's official online portal. Montreal's ambitious pothole filling plan will be carried out over the next few weeks, with a promised 25,000 potholes to be filled by Christmas. 

I'll believe it when I see it.

Happy pothole season, Montreal! 

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